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  • Introduction & Interface 3:00

    Introduction & Interface

    In this first video, Larry provides an introduction to the series and also outlines the different sections of the interface.

  • Importing Audio Into Quick Sampler 4:40

    Importing Audio Into Quick Sampler

    Original and optimized import algorithms are covered next. In addition, we introduce the different workflows for dragging and dropping and importing audio.

  • Quick Sampler Modes 5:42

    Quick Sampler Modes

    Next, discover the sampler modes: Classic, One Shot, Slice, and Recorder. This overview gives you the ability to quickly get going with manipulating audio samples.

  • Classic & One Shot Mode in Detail 9:43

    Classic & One Shot Mode in Detail

    The Classic and One Shot modes are covered next with the similarities and differences explained and their respective uses. Larry also demonstrates the parameters for adjusting sample length and the looping function.

  • Slice Mode in Detail 10:28

    Slice Mode in Detail

    Explore the Slice mode in detail and learn about creating, moving, and deleting markers as well as different ways of slicing the audio file. We also cover Gate, Play to End, and the Flex mode, which allows you to follow tempo.

  • Recorder Mode in Detail 3:05

    Recorder Mode in Detail

    Next up, we focus on the parameters of Recorder mode, including setting a threshold for recording and input monitoring.

  • Waveform Display 10:00

    Waveform Display

    In this video, Larry covers zooming, snapping to the grid in different ways, and the varied functions within the action menu.

  • Drum Machine Designer Tracks & MIDI 5:20

    Drum Machine Designer Tracks & MIDI

    Learn to convert quick sampler patches into drum machine designer instruments and slice to MIDI, both of which give you the ability to re-program your audio.

  • Flex Options in Detail 5:02

    Flex Options in Detail

    Next, discover how to synchronize audio to Logic?s project tempo using the Flex and Follow Tempo functions. This is a powerful way of keeping your audio in time regardless of whether you're playing higher or lower on the MIDI keyboard.

  • Amp & Filter Sections 10:04

    Amp & Filter Sections

    Explore the amp and filter sections and their respective envelopes and velocity sliders.

  • Pitch Section 4:52

    Pitch Section

    The focus shifts onto the pitch section next so we can both course- and fine-tune our audio. This can be modulated using a dedicated envelope, glide, and pitch bend.

  • LFO 1 & 2 12:55

    LFO 1 & 2

    Discover how to use the LFOs, including waveforms, key triggering, LFO phase, and fade in.

  • Mod Matrix 8:11

    Mod Matrix

    Next, Larry covers the sources and destinations of our mod matrix so you can create interesting routings for creative sound design. This is demonstrated by routing an LFO to affect the sample start time, creating a pseudo glitch effect.

  • Track Idea: Drums 8:04

    Track Idea: Drums

    Learn to use Quick Sampler next to program a drum beat using individual hits and slices of a drum loop.

  • Track Idea: Sample 10:18

    Track Idea: Sample

    Larry continues on to add a sample that's chopped up using Quick Sampler. This allows us to program a novel groove using the sample over the beat we created.

  • Track Idea: Vocals 5:35

    Track Idea: Vocals

    Finally, an a cappella Apple loop is added to Quick Sampler and chopped up over our track idea.

Product Overview

Logic Pro expert Larry Holcombe presents a set of comprehensive Logic Pro Quick Sampler video tutorials! If you want to learn how to take advantage of Quick Sampler's features and functions, this course is the one to watch. Larry walks you through the basics and then explores just about every nook and cranny of this deceptively powerful sampler. You'll be confidently designing your own inimitable sounds in no time. These videos are for new Quick Sampler users.

Larry welcomes you and begins by familiarizing you with the interface and layout of the plugin, demonstrating various methods for importing audio as well. You'll then explore the four sample modes - Classic, One Shot, Slice, and Recorder - first in a quick overview and then with a deeper dive of each.

Next, discover how to use the waveform display and covert sampler patches into drum machine designer instruments that can be sliced to MIDI and sent to another track! You'll then learn about the Flex options and how they can be used to sync your audio to Logic's tempo, ensuring that your samples stay in time no matter where you play them on the keyboard.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll explore the other features of Quick Sampler, including the Amp and Filter sections, Pitch section, LFOs, Mod Matrix, and more. To close out the course, follow along as Larry builds up a track combining drums and vocals to demonstrate some of these concepts in action!

To see exactly what these in-depth Logic Pro Quick Sampler tutorials show you, and how they'll help you quickly feel at ease with the many features available, see the individual Logic Pro Quick Sampler video tutorial descriptions on this page. Discover the power and convenience of this invaluable audio tool ... Watch “Logic Pro Quick Sampler Explained®” now!

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