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Line 6 Helix Native Explained®

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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Overview 5:54


    Doug welcomes you and explains the elements that make up Helix Native's user interface.

Chapter 2 : Librarian Window

  • Presets Tab 5:21

    Presets Tab

    Doug covers the importing and exporting of preset bundles and Individual Presets in Helix Native.

  • Presets Overview 5:47

    Presets Overview

    Take a short tour of the factory presets for Guitar, Bass, Voice and Auxiliary Channel Strips.

  • Managing Presets 6:47

    Managing Presets

    Learn how to Name, Reorder, Copy, Paste, Save in Helix Native and much more.

  • The Impulse Tab 6:15

    The Impulse Tab

    This video covers how to import and manage 3rd party speaker impulse responses for greater sonic options.

Chapter 3 : Signal Flow Window

  • Presets & Tempo Menus 6:47

    Presets & Tempo Menus

    Discover how the presets menu features function differently than the one in the Presets Tab. The tempo menu choices are also explained in-depth.

  • Signal Flow Pt. 1 6:18

    Signal Flow Pt. 1

    Take a look at obtaining correct levels for the master input and output and get an introduction to signal flow and blocks on path 1A.

  • Signal Flow Pt. 2 6:34

    Signal Flow Pt. 2

    This video starts with the Host Block parameters and editing them, then shows how the signal flow works when signal path 1B is created.

  • Signal Flow Pt. 3 7:16

    Signal Flow Pt. 3

    ee how when signal path 1B is created, it adds Split and Merge blocks to the signal flow. Their functions and parameters are also explained in-depth.

  • Signal Flow Pt. 4 8:11

    Signal Flow Pt. 4

    Take a deeper look into the routing possibilities with the Split and Merge Blocks as well as incorporating Signal Path 2.

Chapter 4 : Inspector Window

  • The Edit Tab 9:18

    The Edit Tab

    This video goes over many of the model categories, models and editable parameters that are available in the Helix Native application.

  • Automation & Controller Assign Tab Pt. 1 7:28

    Automation & Controller Assign Tab Pt. 1

    Learn all about assigning model parameters to automatable knobs. The Assignments List is then covered, ranges are set, and the parameters are shown in Logic and automated for complete control.

  • Automation & Controller Assign Tab Pt. 2 8:46

    Automation & Controller Assign Tab Pt. 2

    Discover how the different Parameter Ranges and the Bypass Switch can be assigned to automatable switches. This and writing automation in real-time are also demonstrated.

  • All Helix Native Band 7:13

    All Helix Native Band

    Explore how Helix Native plug-ins can be used with Guitars, Bass, Electric Piano and Organ in this project. The settings of each plug-in are shown and discussed.

  • Wrap Up 4:24

    Wrap Up

    This video gives a nice consolidation and review of of many of the important concepts of the Helix Native covered in this series!

Product Overview

Doug Zangar takes you on a Line 6 Helix Native tour! Learn all about what this powerhouse guitar effects amp and effect suite can do, as well as the endless combinations of tones you can create for guitars, or just about anything else!

Doug starts by welcoming you, and then explains the elements that make up Helix Native’s user interface. He then begins with the basics such as the Librarian Window and its Preset Tabs, how to manage presets, import 3rd party impulse responses and more.

You’ll then explore Helix Native’s Signal Flow Window, and learn how to get the best sound by correctly setting levels for the master input and output, and get an introduction to signal flow and Blocks.

Doug then covers in-depth, how to edit Block parameters, and reveals advanced routing techniques for way-cool effect creation. Next, you’ll explore the Edit Tab and all of its features and editable parameters.

Wrapping it up, Doug gives you videos on basic and advanced Automation & Controller Assigning for deep control and sound design, as well as a review of the concepts you’ve learned, and how to put them all together in actual use.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to Line 6 Helix Native guitar amps and processors, or just want to know what it can do, stop here and have a seat… Watch “Line 6 Helix Native Explained®” today!

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