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  • image description 4:51

    Hardware & Software Requirements

    Gary gives you a walkthrough on the HX Stomp hardware unit and what you're going to need to get the most out of this video series.

  • image description 5:37

    Navigating the LCD & Buttons

    This video goes over how to navigate around the HX Stomp unit and what the different buttons do.

  • image description 7:03

    Exploring the Different Modes

    Learn all about the different modes available on the HX Stomp unit and what they each do.

  • image description 8:07

    Updating the Firmware & Backing Up

    Before starting its a good idea to update your HX Stomp. This video shows you how to do it!

  • image description 4:13

    The Tuner & Tap Tempo

    This video shows how to use the Tuner and the Tap functionality in the HX Stomp.

  • image description 8:13

    Adding an Amp & Speaker Cabinet

    Learn how to build up your signal chain by first adding an Amp and Cabinet.

  • image description 5:19

    Adding Effects

    Next in the signal chain, see how to add the powerful HX Stomp effects!

  • image description 3:40

    Identifying Amp & Effects

    The models in the HX Stomp are emulations of popular models. Here Gary shows you how to identify what those models are.

  • image description 4:59

    Assigning Footswitches

    Next, learn how to assign the Footswitches to Blocks for deeper control.

  • image description 3:32

    Using Global Gate & Global EQ

    This videos shows you how to save Block space, by using the Global Gate and Global EQ across your presets.

  • image description 4:01

    Creating Signal Chain Splits

    This video shows how you can split your signal chain into two paths for more creative routing options within your blocks.

  • image description 4:57

    Creating Snapshots

    One of the most unique features in HX Stomp is the use of Snapshots. This video shows you how to assign and use snapshots to their fullest.

  • image description 8:20

    Using HX Edit

    HX Edit is the software application that integrates with the HX Stomp, and this video shows you how to navigate and use it to control your HX Stomp hardware.

  • image description 8:45

    Adding Impulse Responses

    Now see how to add and use Impulse Responses in the HX Stomp.

  • image description 4:47

    Using Tap Tempo Based Effects

    Here we go over how to use the Tap functionality, including how to use it with time-based effects.

  • image description 5:19

    Analyzing a Crunch Tone Preset

    To understand how to create your own presets it's a good idea to take a look at some of the bundled presets. In this video Gary takes you through the routing of an included Crunch Tone.

  • image description 4:55

    Analyzing a Metal Tone

    Here we take a look at creating a Metal guitar tone from scratch.

  • image description 6:44

    Dialing in a Lead Tone

    Gary shows you how to create a Lead guitar tone preset step by step.

  • image description 6:02

    Creating an Ambient Tone

    This video takes a look at how to create a cool ambient tone, perfect for creating textures in your productions.

  • image description 5:49

    Creating a Bass Tone

    Now see how to use the Bass Blocks to create a bass guitar tone from scratch.

  • image description 8:09

    Using the Looper Block

    Here we take a look at how the Looper Block works, and how you can use it creatively.

  • image description 6:12

    HX Stomp as an Audio Interface

    Gary now demonstrates how you cant connect your HX Stomp as an audio interface to your computer.

  • image description 3:53

    ReAmping a Recorded Track

    This video shows you how you can ReAmp your guitar back through the HX Stomp for truly endless tones and effects.

  • image description 6:54

    Using the as an Effects Loop

    Learn how you can use the Effects Loop to incorporate your extra stomp box effects into your pedalboard with your HX Stomp rig.

  • image description 12:28

    Plugging Into a Real Speaker

    Watch how to connect the HX Stomp to a real speaker cabinet for even more sonic options.

  • image description 8:39

    Expression Pedal Setup & Assignment

    This video teaches you how to assign and use an Expression pedal with the HX Stomp so you can control different parameters and functions for expressive control!

  • image description 8:09

    Adding Extra Footswitches

    Did you know you can expand your HX Stomp by adding extra foot switches? This video shows you how!

  • image description 7:34

    Using MIDI CC Messages

    Another way to expand your HX Stomp is to use a MIDI Controller with it. This video shows you how to set up MIDI and use MIDI Continuous Controller Messages with the HX Stomp, for even greater control.

  • image description 5:01

    Working Between HX Edit & Native

    To finish the video series off, watch how to work between HX Edit and Native for more guitar sound design options.

Product Overview

Guitar tech wiz Gary Hiebner delivers comprehensive Line 6 HX Stomp video tutorials! Learn everything you need to know about the amazing HX Stomp including its features and functions, as well as how to craft killer tones for your guitar, or practically any other audio source. You also get the HX Stomp presets that Gary Cretes in the videos so you can follow along with the lessons more easily. These videos are for new HX Stomp users.

Gary welcomes you and starts with the HX Stomp hardware & software requirements, followed by how to navigate the main LCD and its buttons, including all the different modes available on the HX Stomp unit and what they each do. Then you'll see how to update the HX Stomp firmware to ensure you have the latest and greatest functionalities.

Throughout the rest of the videos, Gary covers a ton of topics like using the Tuner & Tap Tempo feature, how to build up your signal chain by first adding an Amp and Cabinet, adding and using effects, identifying the various Amps & Effects, assign the Footswitches to Blocks for deeper control, using Global Gate & Global EQ, creating Signal Chain Splits, making and using Snapshots, and using HX Edit which is the software application that integrates with the HX Stomp hardware unit.

Continuing on, you'll then get into sound designing your own tones from scratch. See and hear how to add Impulse Responses for different sonic spaces, analyze a typical Crunch and Metal Tone so you know what makes them sound that way, make a lead tone as well as a bass tone from scratch, using the Looper Block, how to connect your HX Stomp as an audio interface to your computer, ReAmping a recorded track, plugging HX Stomp into a real speaker, using MIDI CC Messages for in-depth control, and so much more!

To see exactly what these detailed Line 6 HX Stomp video tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up and running fast and then go deeper into all that it offers, see the individual HX Stomp tutorial descriptions on this page. Discover why this guitar processor should be taken seriously for your guitar tone shaping needs and beyond... Watch "Line 6 HX Stomp Explained®" today.

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Line 6 HX Stomp Explained® is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 2 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Well done! Helped me understand what the HX Stomp is capable of.
Date published: 2021-07-07
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Just what I needed! I had the HX Stomp for awhile. This tutorial is a godsend! Thank you!
Date published: 2021-03-20
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