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Les Paul

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  • Chapter 1 1:00

    Chapter 1

    After we watch a classic Les Paul television performance, Jon welcomes us to the video and gives us a quick description of what we'll be learning in this series.

  • Chapter 2 1:27

    Chapter 2

    We get live a performance from Les Paul and the band.

  • Chapter 3 13:02

    Chapter 3

    Jon and Les Paul talk about his early days. Les talks about some of his his signature sounds and where they came from along with a few classic stories.

  • Chapter 4 12:44

    Chapter 4

    Les Paul gives us another awesome performance with the band and then talks about some of the techniques that he used.

  • Chapter 5 7:31

    Chapter 5

    We get another great performance from Les Paul and the Band, and then Jon and Les talk about some of the signature sounds Les uses.

  • Chapter 6 15:24

    Chapter 6

    Les and the Band play us a live performance of a ballad and then he talks with Jon about some of the inventions that he brought to life. Les then talks about 'Sound on Sound', an idea he brought to life that wound up being the first multi-track recording system.

  • Chapter 7 13:26

    Chapter 7

    Les Paul talks about the multi-track recording system he was wanting to invent and how he knocked on doors until he found a company that would help him build it.

  • Chapter 8 15:02

    Chapter 8

    This video starts off with a classic television performance of Les Paul and Mary Ford. Les Paul talks about another important invention he worked on called the Phaser and Echo effect.

  • Chapter 9 10:19

    Chapter 9

    We now take an overview look at another editor here and discover how it both differs and mirrors other editor windows. We do this by inspecting a bass midi file.

Product Overview

This in-depth instructional video series by Hal Leonard Publishing is interspersed with performance clips that take you up close with Les Paul for a fun, humorous and incredibly educational view into the awesome world of music as seen by one of the truly great guitarists, musicians and innovators of all times.

The legendary Les Paul was the inventor of the electric guitar, the #1 instrument in the world, as well as the multi-track recorder. He was also an innovator of multi-track recording techniques that revolutionized the recording industry. Lastly, he was a master of the trademark style and sound that dominated the jazz charts with hit after hit throughout the 40's and 50's.

In addition to his inventions, Les performed in renowned jazz concerts as well as for live radio and television audiences. He and wife Mary were the stars of the popular and classic radio and television show of the '50's, "The Les Paul Mary Ford Show," where Les frequently tried new ideas and inventions that later became standards for the recording industry.

If you're into guitar or recording, or both, this is the perfect opportunity to get the point of view of a true master musician and studio tech... Watch "Les Paul" today!

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