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Learn Country Style Piano

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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 45min 48sec
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    Stay All Night & Faded Love (10:23)

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    Stay All Night (Broken Down) (8:08)

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    The Shuffle & Moon Mullican Style (7:29)

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    I'll Sail My Ship Alone (9:44)

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    Floyd Cramer Style with Licks (14:47)

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    Chord Resolutions & Examples (11:44)

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    Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (8:25)

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    I Will Never Marry (10:17)

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    Pig Robbins & Modern Styles (7:48)

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    Chord Variations (11:56)

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    Cripple Creek (5:07)

In this vintage Homespun video series, Nashville session player Bob Hoban's clear, enthusiastic and good-humored approach to teaching helps you create the familiar piano sounds that are beloved by all fans of country music.

Concentrating on the innovative techniques of Floyd Cramer, Hargus "Pig" Robbins, Al Stricklin, Moon Mullican and other country, honky tonk and Western swing innovators, Bob provides you with the tools to play this wonderful music yourself.

Even pianists with little experience will learn to play the distinctive licks, songs and instrumentals of these legendary country piano stylists.

Bob Hoban's enthusiasm for the piano is palpable as he shows you the triads, left and right hand patterns, trills, chord voicings, intros and endings, bass lines and other playing techniques that define this uniquely American sound.

He then imparts invaluable information on how to improve your timing, hear chord changes, use accents, accompany a singer and avoid common mistakes and problems. Throughout this video series you'll get loads of ideas that will help you enhance your playing.

This engaging lesson also includes a special jam session video with the legendary fiddler Vassar Clements!

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Bob Hoban is a Nashville session pianist whose recording credits include Ernest Tubb, Bobby Osborn, Jesse McReynolds, Jethro Burns, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Lacy J. Dalton, Boys From Indiana, John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker and Richie Havens. He has toured and recorded with Vassar Clements for nearly 20 years, produced violin great Joe Venuti's last three albums and was twice nominated for Grammies as producer, "Best Country Album Of The Year".

Products by Bob

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    tutorial video

    Learn Country Style Piano

    In this vintage Homespun video series, Nashville session player Bob Hoban's clear, enthusiastic and good-humored approach to teaching helps you create the familiar piano sounds that are beloved by all fans of country music.

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    tutorial video

    Learning Rock N Roll Piano

    In this vintage Homespun video series, piano rocker Bob Hoban teaches you the rollicking '50s and '60s rock 'n' roll piano styles made popular by Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino.

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