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Larry Carlton - Guitar Instruction

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10 Videos | Length: 52min 9sec
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  • Introduction & Equipment 6:40

    Introduction & Equipment

    In this first video, we are played in with an intro song and are introducted to Larry Carlton as he goes over his typical equipment setup.

  • Tuning & Imitation 4:20

    Tuning & Imitation

    In this next video, we tune up with Larry then go over the concept of imitation of phrasing.

  • Dynamics & Vibrato 5:13

    Dynamics & Vibrato

    Here we learn about using dynamics and vibrato to contruct phrases.

  • Note Bending 4:03

    Note Bending

    Larry discusses bending notes in different ways and plays a jam using the technique.

  • Extended Phrasing & Blues Jam 6:09

    Extended Phrasing & Blues Jam

    In this video, we learn about extending a solo phrase past the point it would naturally end then see it used in a blues jam.

  • Creating Tension 4:03

    Creating Tension

    Here Larry discusses how to use tension to move a phrase forward in interesting ways.

  • Triads Pt. 1 5:33

    Triads Pt. 1

    Larry introduces the concept of triads to use instead of linear scales.

  • Triads Pt. 2 5:16

    Triads Pt. 2

    We continue the discussion of triads with examples.

  • Another Jam & Tips on Becoming a Better Player 6:11

    Another Jam & Tips on Becoming a Better Player

    Here we see another jam using many of the previously discussed concepts and Larry gives tips on being better on your instrument.

  • Final Song 4:41

    Final Song

    In this last video, Larry and company plays us out with one more song.

Product Overview

In this vintage Hal Leonard video tutorial series, one of today's most influential jazz-rock guitarists, Grammy-winner Larry Carlton puts his talent to work for you in two areas of specialization: Blues and Chord Substitution, and is suitable for all levels of guitar players!

The Blues section deals with imitation, theme development, extended phrasing, bending techniques, vibrato and solo construction. In the Chord Substitution section, Larry explains his trademark triad approach, starting with basic chord substitution and leading to extended triad-on-triad usage.

This is Larry's exciting fusion sound, spelled-out, clarified and made accessible to any guitarist. All examples are clearly illustrated with substantial musical phrases and improvised solos. Exclusive live concert footage is provided throughout the series to demonstrate the use of Larry's examples in a live band situation.

The accompanying instructional booklet comes complete with easy-to-follow diagrams that correspond exactly to the video series.

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