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Chapter 1 : Working with Keyscape

  • Introduction 1:08


    Learn about what will be covered in this video series.

  • Browsing the Patches 5:03

    Browsing the Patches

    Learn how to navigate the browser by category and model, use the search field, sort and navigate the search results, and set favorites.

  • Saving & Managing Patches 3:33

    Saving & Managing Patches

    Learn how to save and manage customized patches.

  • Managing Resources 6:17

    Managing Resources

    Explore ways of optimizing your computing resources via sample thinning, limiting voices, adjusting streaming settings, and more.

  • Custom Controls 7:08

    Custom Controls

    Explore some of the performance, mix, timbre, and FX controls available to shape Keyscape’s acoustic piano sounds.

  • Other Custom Controls 7:07

    Other Custom Controls

    Discover some of the compression, tape, modulation, amplifier, and wah wah controls used on various keyboard models.

  • MIDI Learn 5:54

    MIDI Learn

    See how to gain more control over Keyscape’s sound shaping features by mapping physical knobs and sliders to control movement parameter movements in real time.

  • Host Automation 3:13

    Host Automation

    Learn how to control Keyscape’s sound shaping parameters via traditional host based automation within your DAW.

Chapter 2 : Keyscape + Omnisphere

  • Keyscape + Omniphere 2 Setup 2:32

    Keyscape + Omniphere 2 Setup

    Learn how to authorize, browse, and load Keyscape sounds into Omnisphere 2.

  • Create Your Own Duos or Trios! 2:57

    Create Your Own Duos or Trios!

    Listen as unique Keyscape combinations are layered together within Omnisphere 2.

  • KeySphere Sounds 2:37

    KeySphere Sounds

    Take it to the next level by layering Omnisphere and Keyscape patches together for rich thick textures.

  • Sound Match & Sound Lock 5:03

    Sound Match & Sound Lock

    Explore these two features as a means of creating interesting and unique layers to match with Keyscape sounds.

  • Live Mode 3:17

    Live Mode

    Explore Omnisphere’s Live Mode as a means of quickly switching between or layering multiple Keyscape sounds and Omnisphere patches.

  • Stack Mode 4:53

    Stack Mode

    Hear how Stack mode is used to split,layer, and crossfade Keyscape and Omnisphere sounds.

  • KeySphere FX & Arpeggiator 4:35

    KeySphere FX & Arpeggiator

    Explore some ways to couple Omnisphere’s built in FX and arpeggiator section with Keyscape patches.

  • Synthesis Tools 5:59

    Synthesis Tools

    When opened in Omnisphere, all the Omnisphere synthesis tools can be applied to Keyscape samples; including FM synthesis, ring modulation, wavetable synthesis, granular synthesis, and more.

Product Overview

Spectrasonics has another hit on their hands with Keyscape, the new virtual keyboard instrument “mega-library”. Join Eli Krantzberg in these comprehensive Keyscape video tutorials, explaining all the features and functions, as well as cool, creative tips & tricks!

Eli covers it all, from the basics to custom controls, automation, the arpeggiator and FX, using Keyscape with Omnisphere for giant, mind-blowing sounds and more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you’re ready to make your great escape into Keyscape, watch “Keyscape Explained” today!

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