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KORG Electribe 2 Synth Explained®

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  • image description 8:58

    Introduction & Overview

    In this video, Gary introduces you to the Korg Electribe 2 synth, what its capable of, and gives a walk around the device.

  • image description 3:32

    Setting Up the Electribe with your DAW

    Here Gary shows you how to properly connect your Electribe to your DAW.

  • image description 10:22

    Creating Your Own Patterns & Sequences

    In this video, we take a look at how to make and build up your patterns and sequences with this synth, as well as its workflows.

  • image description 5:08

    Oscillator & Amp Envelope Generator

    This video shows you how you can use the oscillator to cycle through the available sounds on the device and how you can use the Amp Envelope generator to shape the transients on the sounds.

  • image description 5:26

    Using the Keyboard Mode

    Gary now goes over how to use the Electribe's Keyboard Mode to play back your parts.

  • image description 6:35

    Using Chord Mode

    The Chord Mode is explained and explored in this video, and how you can use the Chord Sets to trigger chord shapes from a single part.

  • image description 8:57

    Cleaning, Copying Patterns & Parts

    This video shows you how to clean up your patterns, as well Copy them. Plus, you'll see how to copy a part from one pattern to another, to help start creating your arrangement.

  • image description 5:49

    Using the Filter Section

    Discover how to access all the available filters on the Electribe, and the different filter shapes you have available.

  • image description 3:53

    Using the Motion Record Feature

    Here Gary shows you how you use the Motion Record feature to record in and automate movements from your parameters into the patterns.

  • image description 4:47

    Adding Insert FX

    This video shows how you add Insert Effects onto your different parts for more sonic creativeness.

  • image description 10:50

    The Modulation Section

    Here we take a look at the Modulation options available with Electribe, and how this Modulation section can be used to enhance your parts.

  • image description 6:01

    Using the Master Effects

    Gary now shows you how to use the Master Effects section with the TouchPad and how you can send your parts to the Master Effects section for processing.

  • image description 5:42

    Touch Scale & Gate Arp Modes

    Here you'll learn all about the other modes that use the Touch Pad, Touch Scale and Gate Arp modes, and how these can be edited for endless inspiration.

  • image description 4:15

    Using Step Jump

    This video shows you how you can use the Step Jump feature for live performances and how you can use it to spice up your productions.

  • image description 5:36

    Using Pattern Sets

    See how to assign Patterns to Parts with Pattern Sets, and how this allows you to switch between patterns easily.

  • image description 5:30

    Using the Audio Input Source

    Explore how you can use the Audio Input to allow an external input source into the Electribe. Gary shows you how to setup this up to get the external sound coming through correctly and all the processing options once your signal is in.

  • image description 5:27

    Making a Song with the Event Recorder

    This video shows you how you can use the Event Recorder to record a unique performance with patterns and parameters changing on the fly.

  • image description 8:09

    Exporting Your Song Out as Patterns

    Here Gary shows you how you can export your patterns and pattern sets to a memory card, and then import these into a DAW, or export them out as a Ableton Live project.

  • image description 10:13

    Alternate Electribe Use

    Wrapping it up, Gary shows you how you can set up your DAW to send MID to the Electribe device, so it acts as an external MIDI sound module for your DAW projects.

Product Overview

Have a KORG Electribe 2 Synth or are thinking of getting one? Synth guru Gary Hiebner brings you comprehensive KORG Electribe 2 Synth video tutorials that will get you up and running fast, while showing you everything this compact, mighty hardware synth and sequencer can do! These videos are perfect for beginner Electribe 2 Synth users!

Gary welcomes you and gives a detailed overview of what the KORG Electribe is capable of as well as its user interface. Next you'll see how to properly connect the Electribe to your DAW, followed by a lesson on creating your own patterns and sequences.

Then you'll see how to use the Oscillator & Amp Envelope Generator, Keyboard and Chord Modes, Cleaning, Copying Patterns & Parts, as well as how to access all the available filters in the Electribe that make for interesting and evolving sound design.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll learn how to use the Motion Record Feature, add Insert & Master FX, explore all the Modulation Section features, Touch Scale & Gate Arp Modes, Step Jump, Pattern Sets, use the Audio Input to allow an external input source into the Electribe for processing, Make a Song with the Event Recorder, Export Your Song Out as Patterns to import into your DAW, and much more!

To see what these in-depth KORG Electribe tutorials show you, and how they'll help you to get going and really understand what the Electribe Synth can do, see the individual KORG Electribe 2 Synth video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn the Electribe Synth inside and out and start making synth tracks for your songs and productions now... Watch "KORG Electribe 2 Synth Explained®" today.

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KORG Electribe 2 Synth Explained® is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 3 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from So Good, More in depth than other videos that I've found. Nuggets in this videos. Very Thorough, Great job.
Date published: 2021-03-29
Rated 3.5 out of 5 by from Very helpfull in the beginning. I found this tutorial very helpfull in the beginning. Everything is explained thorough and one can follow every step along with his own electribe. Looking back now I did have to do some more searching on how to use this in Ableton (still haven't found a good tutorial on that but I am a complete newbie on Ableton) and also on the shortkeys. There appear to be many more shortkeys then explained in the tutorial. But still: it was very helpfull to get me going with the electribe.
Date published: 2020-11-13
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Helpfull Clear
Date published: 2020-07-05
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