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Legacy M1 Tutorial

KORG Collection: M1 Explained®

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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 9min 40sec
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  • Intro & Overview 1:33

    Intro & Overview

    Tyler welcomes you and gives you a look at the KORG Legacy M1 virtual synthesizer, what it is, and reviews the types of sounds you can get from it.

  • The Modes 8:06

    The Modes

    In this video you'll learn all about the different operations and functions of the M1 Modes, which include Combination, Multi, Program, and Global.

  • Basic Operation 3:46

    Basic Operation

    Here we look at how to operate the different types of data inputs found in the user interface.

  • Parameter Editing Pt. 1 11:06

    Parameter Editing Pt. 1

    Learn how to shape a sound with the various M1 envelopes and parameters that effect the oscillators in unique ways, including the OSC, VDA, and VDF tabs in the editing area.

  • Parameter Editing Pt. 2 3:23

    Parameter Editing Pt. 2

    Continuing on, Tyler demonstrates how you can further shape a sound with the various M1 parameters including the Control and Insert FX tabs in the editing area.

  • Browsing & Writing Programs 7:13

    Browsing & Writing Programs

    Explore the simplified Easy tab, and then learn how you can save data in the M1, as well as navigate and use the Browser to find sounds that match your needs, including layering them together to make your sounds extra thick!

  • Using Drum Kits 8:24

    Using Drum Kits

    In this video, Tyler reveals how to use the M1 to make some classic drum sounds with the extensive library of samples included, and covers the drum kit parameters and operations.

  • Bass Patch Sound Design 7:43

    Bass Patch Sound Design

    Now that you know the editing parameters of the M1, Tyler shows you how to make a fat bass sound, and explores a few ways to alter and enhance it even further.

  • Lead Patch Sound Design 5:34

    Lead Patch Sound Design

    See how to create a soaring lead sound, and experiment with different parameters to create more distinct tones.

  • Pad Patch Sound Design 9:53

    Pad Patch Sound Design

    Tyler shows you how to make a big, spacious pad sound, as well as other ways to make cool pads for your tracks.

  • Demo Song & Conclusion 2:59

    Demo Song & Conclusion

    Wrapping it up, Tyler plays a brief demo song made solely of M1 sounds with no outside processing, and offers a few more closing thoughts on the KORG Legacy M1 virtual instrument.

Product Overview

Synth wiz Tyler Coffin breaks down the virtual recreation of one of the most famous synths in history, the KORG Legacy M1. Learn the ins and outs, and get up and running fast, with in-depth videos on this epic virtual classic synth!

Tyler starts off with an overview of this classic recreation and what to expect from the synth and the video series. He then goes over the different Modes of the M1, basic operational info, and then in-depth parameter editing that will allow you to edit and customize the stock sounds into something unique and new.

Next, explore browsing and writing programs, layering sounds, using drum kits, designing Bass, Lead and Pad sounds, and even hear a track created entirely with the KORG M1 Legacy virtual synth with no outside processing, and get some closing thoughts on this killer classic synth.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to the KORG Legacy M1 and want to get up and running fast, or just know a little more about it, check this video collection out… Watch “KORG Legacy M1 Explained®” today!

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