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Jeff Porcaro Instructional Drums

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5 Videos | Length: 30min 17sec
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  • Intro / Opening Jam 2:09

    Intro / Opening Jam

    Jeff and the band perform a groove before a brief and jumping into the lesson.

  • Exercises & Examples Pt. 1 7:31

    Exercises & Examples Pt. 1

    Jeff starts off by showing us the Straight Eighth Groove, and then dives into Hi-Hat exercises and stick and Bass Drum techniques.

  • Exercises & Examples Pt. 2 6:54

    Exercises & Examples Pt. 2

    In this video, Jeff shows us the Sixteenth-Note groove as well as the 'Samba Feeling'. Jeff then shows us a song called 'Mushanga' before also covering the eighth-note triplet groove.

  • Exercises & Examples Pt. 3 11:14

    Exercises & Examples Pt. 3

    Jeff starts this video off by showing us the Shuffle Groove and then the Half-Time Shuffle Groove. After that, he breaks down each part by drum and shows you how to approach the techniques he uses. Jeff also dives into the Jazz cymbal beat and the Jazz Shuffle and helps us understand how to play both these styles.

  • Outro / Closing Jam 2:29

    Outro / Closing Jam

    Jeff re-emphasizes what we've learned today and thanks the band. Jeff then signs off with the tune titled 'Creature Stomp'.

Product Overview

This is truly a unique opportunity to receive a private drum lesson from world-renowned musician Jeff Porcaro. In this exciting Hal Leonard video series, Jeff describes his approach to straight-time, triplet and shuffle feels, as well as Latin grooves. Jeff then breaks down a variety of drum patterns including his most famous groove from Toto's mega-hit "Rosanna."

Filmed in a live band setting, featuring his brother Michael Porcaro on bass and studio musician, songwriter David Garfield on keyboards, you'll experience an exciting atmosphere to help demonstrate Jeff's famous grooves. Jam-packed with helpful suggestions on topics like half-time shuffles, bass drum pedal technique and a host of other personal tips, you'll see how, by using different accents and timing techniques, you can achieve a wide variety of effects and feels on the hi-hat.

Also included is a downloadable PDF that contains the lesson examples Jeff refers to throughout the series. Get it via the "Download Project Extras" link that will appear below the video titles list on the left of this page once you're signed in to your All-Access Web Pass. If you bought the download version of this product, the PDF is included in the download.

Whether a fan of Jeff Porcaro or simply a drummer looking for new techniques, "Jeff Porcaro Instructional Drums" is a MUST SEE!

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