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Jazz Upright Bass

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17 Videos | Length: 2hr 26min 26sec
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Chapter 1 : Introduction & Tuning

  • Introduction 1:07


    Ed shares a few thoughts with us about the lessons we'll be watching and a few things to take note of beforehand.

  • Tuning 4:32


    In This Video, Ed shows us how to Tune our Upright Bass. Ed gives a few different tips to keep in mind for a nicely tuned instrument.

Chapter 2 : Techniques

  • Techniques Pt. 1 11:50

    Techniques Pt. 1

    Ed shares a story about his early days as an Upright Bass player. He discusses volume and how to correctly approach the bass for the first time, and then goes into the different techniques we'll be learning.

  • Techniques Pt. 2 5:57

    Techniques Pt. 2

    Ed Continues to show us different techniques on the Upright Bass, including the hand positions and things like the Growl.

  • Working the Fingerboard 8:16

    Working the Fingerboard

    Ed shows us around the Fingerboard and how to learn your way around different playing techniques.

  • Rhythmic Embellishment Pt. 1 8:34

    Rhythmic Embellishment Pt. 1

    Ed talks to us about Rhythm, and how not to over-play your parts on the Upright Bass. He shows us what Skips are and some other handy techniques.

  • Rhythmic Embellishment Pt. 2 7:22

    Rhythmic Embellishment Pt. 2

    In this video, Ed talks to us about the different types of Triplets, and gives us a few performances with Skips and Triplets

  • Thumb Position Pt. 1 9:04

    Thumb Position Pt. 1

    Ed gives us a little history on Thumb Position and how to approach this for the first time.

  • Thumb Position Pt 2 10:32

    Thumb Position Pt 2

    Ed goes a little further on Thumb Position, and shows us how to put this into practice.

  • Jazz Bowing 11:29

    Jazz Bowing

    In this video, Ed shares some brief history on bowing. Though bowing isn't typical in Jazz Music, Ed shows us how to give a Jazzy feel to that Classical sound.

Chapter 3 : Performances

  • Jazz Bass Performance Pt. 1 11:20

    Jazz Bass Performance Pt. 1

    Ed goes over some standard Performance Protocols that will help you function smoothly in a Jazz group.

  • Jazz Bass Performance Pt. 2 9:39

    Jazz Bass Performance Pt. 2

    Ed continues on Performance Protocols like Trading Off with the Drummer and other protocols like a Jazz Ending.

  • Stylistic Variations Pt. 1 2:38

    Stylistic Variations Pt. 1

    Ed gives us a lesson on how to variate the different styles that happen in a Jazz Gig. He brings in some styles like Latin and Samba.

  • Stylistic Variations Pt. 2 14:50

    Stylistic Variations Pt. 2

    Ed continues on Variations like bringing in a 3/4 tune. Ed gives us a nice performance at the end of this video

  • Stylistic Variations Pt. 3 10:51

    Stylistic Variations Pt. 3

    In this video, Ed starts off with Ballads and Uptunes and shows us how to play them.

  • Performances 16:16


    In this video, we get some nice performances by Ed and the band.

Chapter 4 : Credits

  • Credits 2:09



Product Overview

In this information-packed Hal Leonard series, renowned bassist Ed Friedland reveals the technical and stylistic details behind professional jazz upright performance. If you're just getting into jazz bass, or want to go a little farther with your knowledge and technique, this series is for you.

Through live band demonstrations and detailed, step-by-step analysis, Ed shows you how to Develop Stylistic Left and Right-Hand Techniques for Maximum Tone and Sustain. You'll then learn How to Arrange Scale and Arpeggio Patterns for greater range and efficiency when walking or soloing.

Ed will also show you how to deal with typical live performance challenges including Performance Protocol, Stock Intros, Endings, Trading Fours and more. Next, you'll see how to play classic stylistic variations including Latin Jazz, Up-Tempo Tunes, the "Two-Feel," Ballads, 3/4 Time and more.

Ed's practical, direct teaching style offers easy-to-understand explanations and methodical demonstrations of each topic. You even get a downloadable booklet that includes notated versions of each example for added clarity.

Ed Friedland has performed with jazz giants including Joe Beck, Joshua Breakstone, Larry Coryell, Eddie Daniels, Buddy DeFranco, Dena Derose, Mark Elf, Robben Ford, George Garzone, Wycliffe Gordon, Paul Horn, Illinois Jaquette, Ken Peplowski, Bud Shank, John Stowell, Tierney Sutton, Lew Tabackin, Michal Urbaniak, Frank Vignola, and many others. He has taught at Berklee College of Music, Boston College, Arizona State University, conducted clinics around the US and Canada, and is co-founder and educational director of The Austin Bass Workshop.

If you're ready to enter the world of jazz bass, this series is a must have... Checkout "Jazz Upright Bass" today!

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