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Jack Grassel – Top 20 Jazz Guitar Lessons

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23 Videos | Length: 1hr 8min 30sec
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  • Live Performance: Solo 2:01

    Live Performance: Solo

    In this first video, we see a solo performance by jazz guitar artist Jack Grassel.

  • Music Business Advice 1:28

    Music Business Advice

    Next, Jack shares his formula on having a sucessful career in the music business.

  • Simultaneous Bass & Chords 2:34

    Simultaneous Bass & Chords

    Here we see Jack's technique for playing chords and a root bass note together.

  • Single-Note Improv & Bass 1:39

    Single-Note Improv & Bass

    In this video we learn to play a melody on top of a walking bass line.

  • Simulating Multiple Guitars 2:23

    Simulating Multiple Guitars

    Jack goes over the various techniques he uses to sound like more than one guitar.

  • Working with a Vocalist 3:54

    Working with a Vocalist

    In this video, we hear about playing styles used to make space for a vocalist.

  • Melody Chords 2:42

    Melody Chords

    Here we see how Jack uses 4 string chords to play chord melodies.

  • Colorful Altered Chords 3:05

    Colorful Altered Chords

    Next, Jack shows us how he alters chords in various ways using the II-V-I chord progression.

  • Power Practicing 2:40

    Power Practicing

    Jack talks about practicing in small intervals to keep it fresh and interesting.

  • Posture & Right Hand Technique 2:28

    Posture & Right Hand Technique

    In this video, we see how Jack makes small adjustments to make everything work better.

  • Live Performance: Duo 2:21

    Live Performance: Duo

    Here we see a live duo performance that Jack does with himself.

  • Harmonics 3:39


    Next, Jack goes over his techniques for harmonics.

  • 12 Keys in One Position 4:16

    12 Keys in One Position

    Jack shows us how he positions his fingers to play any key in the same position.

  • One Key in 12 Positions 4:08

    One Key in 12 Positions

    Now Jack shows us how we can play one key in twelve different positions.

  • Horizontal Scale Patterns 4:46

    Horizontal Scale Patterns

    Here we are introduced to scales played moving horizontally along the guitar neck.

  • Scale-Free Improvising 3:25

    Scale-Free Improvising

    In this video, Jack goes over improvising using a technique that is free from traditional scales.

  • Live Performance: Trio 4:30

    Live Performance: Trio

    Here we see a trio performance where Jack plays in a way that allows for a vocalist and double bass.

  • Thoughts on Comping 1:40

    Thoughts on Comping

    Jack gives us his thoughts on adding to the song including comping or complimenting the soloist.

  • Octave Technique 1:43

    Octave Technique

    Now we are shown how Jack approaches playing octaves.

  • Your Own Sound 3:07

    Your Own Sound

    In this video Jack talks about how you can create your own sound.

  • Guitar Setup 2:12

    Guitar Setup

    Jack talks about what he does to his guitar to create a signature sound starting at the headstock and working his way down.

  • Freak Value 2:19

    Freak Value

    Here we learn about creating an image in various ways as the artist.

  • Student/Teacher Relationship 5:30

    Student/Teacher Relationship

    In this video we hear Jacks thoughts on being a teacher, a student, and the fine line between both.

Product Overview

In this Hal Leonard video series, Jazz guitar master Jack Grassel gives performance tips, demonstrates techniques, and plays amazing guitar in this comprehensive tutorial collection.

You’ll learn important music business advice, simultaneous bass and chords, single-note improv and bass, simulating multiple guitars, working with a vocalist, posture and right-hand technique, colorful altered chords, power practicing, melody chords, 12 keys in one position, student-teacher relationship, and much more.

See why Guitar One magazine has voted Jack Grassel “One of the Ten Best Guitarists (You Probably Don't Know) in America” as well as why the Wisconsin Area Music Industry has named him Jazz Artist and Guitarist of the Year seven times.

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