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Intro To Music Publishing: A Creative and Business Perspective For Musicians

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Chapter 1 : Part 1

  • Introduction 3:46


    In this first video, Bobby Borg and Michael Eames introduce themselves and give you an overview of what you'll lean in this course.

  • Copyright Basics Pt. 1 12:23

    Copyright Basics Pt. 1

    In this first video, Bobby and Michael introduce you to Music Publishing and touches on the different layers of Copyright from: What's included in a Copyright, How Do You Get a Copyright, and How Do You Prove a Copyright?

  • Copyright Basics Pt. 2 11:06

    Copyright Basics Pt. 2

    You?ve gotten your feet wet with Music Publishing and Copyright. Now time to learn about Joint Works, and Work Made for Hire.

  • Copyright Basics Pt. 3 13:26

    Copyright Basics Pt. 3

    In this video, you'll learn about Compulsory Licensing for Records, and Split Sheets.

  • Copyright Basics Pt. 4 18:49

    Copyright Basics Pt. 4

    In this video, you'll learn about Copyright Registration, Different Methods and Costs for Copyright, and the big worry: Copyright Infringement.

  • Copyright Basics Pt. 5 12:42

    Copyright Basics Pt. 5

    The last of five-parts in Copyright Basics and probably the most applicable to you: Sound Recording Copyrights and Major Foreign Copyright Differences.

  • Publishing Your Music - Income Streams 15:42

    Publishing Your Music - Income Streams

    Time to switch gears from Copyright Basics to Income Streams. You'll learn about Shares of the Publishing Pie, Types of Income, Mechanical Royalties, Controlled Composition Clause, and who is the Harry Fox Agency?

  • Income Streams - Performance Royalties 17:43

    Income Streams - Performance Royalties

    Lets dive a little deeper into Income Streams and talk about how your music earns you money through performance royalties and who the people are that collect your money.

  • Income Streams- Sync Royalties 15:40

    Income Streams- Sync Royalties

    You'll get paid differently depending on how your music is played or used. In this video you'll learn about Sync Royalties and the different additional incomes available to you.

  • Income Streams - Print 8:31

    Income Streams - Print

    Another form of Income Streams is Print. Here you'll learn about Print Royalties, the Types of Print Royalties available to you, and the Division of Incomes.

  • Income Streams - Electronic Transmissions 16:00

    Income Streams - Electronic Transmissions

    "Bobby, Michael, I still want to learn about Music Publishing when it comes to streaming, downloads, and other merchandise. How can I learn more?" Find out in this video!

  • Income Streams - Foreign Sub-Publishing 14:32

    Income Streams - Foreign Sub-Publishing

    You've made something that is being used internationally... Congrats! Here you'll find out how Foreign Sub Publishing Income, Mechanical Royalties, and Performance Royalties are handled.

Chapter 2 : Part 2

  • Introduction 3:19


    Bobby and Michael welcome you to part 2 of this course.

  • Publishing Companies & Deals Pt. 1 14:30

    Publishing Companies & Deals Pt. 1

    In this first lesson, Bobby and Michael introduce you to Publishing Companies and Deals. You'll learn about Why to Use a Publisher, What Publishers Do, and the different Types of Deals.

  • Publishing Companies & Deals Pt. 2 11:23

    Publishing Companies & Deals Pt. 2

    Continuing on Publishing Companies and Deals, you'll learn about the Deal Points in Standard Contracts, "Non-Exclusive" Exploitation Deals, and Exclusive Exploitation Deals.

  • Starting Your Own Publishing Company 11:39

    Starting Your Own Publishing Company

    Ever thought about opening up your own Publishing Company? It's a good thing Michael has his own and he teaches you everything you need to know from working with Performing Rights Organizations, the Registration Process, and Handling Admin Duties.

  • Where & How to Pitch Your Music 23:27

    Where & How to Pitch Your Music

    You've got music that you want to pitch in hopes of getting placement. In this video Bobby and Michael tell you where and how to pitch your music, as well as the nuances that come with them.

  • Your Songs - What Pros Look For 14:07

    Your Songs - What Pros Look For

    Professionals expect a quality standard in music they recieve from Structure, Lyric, Melody, Style, and Master Quality. Learn about the differences and what it means to average or exceptional.

  • Song Critique - Breaking It Down 14:46

    Song Critique - Breaking It Down

    In this video, Bobby and Michael break down some songs submissions and explain why they

  • Product Innovation - Extending Your Brand 4:02

    Product Innovation - Extending Your Brand

    When you write a song, you create a lot of ways to make money and extend your brand. In this video, Michael and Bobby give you 30 ways to make money from one song.

  • Inspiration & Creativity Pt. 1 8:16

    Inspiration & Creativity Pt. 1

    Inspiration and Creativity is what every creative person hopes to have everyday. Sometimes you don't always feel inspired or creative. Here you'll learn different ways to keep you and others inspired and creative.

  • Inspiration & Creativity Pt. 2 7:02

    Inspiration & Creativity Pt. 2

    "MUSIC, MUSIC! GET YOUR MUSIC HERE! 99c FOR A DOWNLOAD! GET EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT!" You've probably heard about promotion but not sure where to start. In this video Bobby shares some promotional strategies that work!

  • Its A Wrap! 6:54

    Its A Wrap!

    You've got a well-rounded introduction to Music Publishing, time to wrap it up with a review of Part 1 & 2.

Product Overview

Welcome to Intro To Music Publishing: A Creative and Business Perspective For Musicians. This 2 part entry level video series is based on Bobby Borg’s popular book Business Basics For Musicians, and is for beginners who want to understand the fundamentals of music publishing, as well as for more advanced musicians who need a solid business refresher.

Both parts are presented in a conversational and easy-to-follow style, and in part one, Bobby Borg (a seasoned musician, consultant, author, and educator) with Michael Eames (the owner of a successful publishing firm), break down topics into two main categories: 1) Copyright Basics and 2) Income Streams. Sub categories include everything from understanding how to divide percentage shares in a song, registering your copyrights, and fighting infringement claims, to understanding mechanical, performance, synch, print, electronic transmissions, and foreign sub publishing incomes.

In part two of the video series, the guys break down the topics covered into three main categories: 1) Publishing Deals, 2) Your Songs, and 3) Creativity, Innovation, and Promotion. Sub categories include everything from understanding what publishers do and starting your own publishing company, to understanding elements of a great song and how to pitch and promote them to professionals, to expanding your revenue streams and harnessing your creative powers.

The unique position of this course is that it is presented with the intention of “breaking down the basics so that it sticks.” To do this, the most important fundamentals are emphasized focusing on your rights in your music and lyrics, United States Copyright law, and the 1976 Copyright Right Act and all of its amendments and revisions to the most current laws.

Make no mistake: Intro To Music Publishing: A Creative and Business Perspective For Musicians is not intended to be the last word in music publishing. Rather, while providing you with a strong foundation upon which almost anyone can solve their music publishing problems, it encourages you, and offers the resources to dig deeper and learn more on your own.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more detailed info, and watch “Intro To Music Publishing: A Creative and Business Perspective For Musicians” today!

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