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Audio Fundamentals
Audio Fundamentals Tutorial

Home Studio Know-How: The Room & Acoustics

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  • Introduction 3:31


    Welcome to Home Studio Know How! In this series we’ll be learning all about the importance of acoustics and our listening environment.

  • Sound Wave Basics 6:28

    Sound Wave Basics

    Let’s look at some of the basic anatomy of a sound waves and learn about some of the most fundamental physical principles.

  • The Energy of Sound 3:37

    The Energy of Sound

    Here we’ll quickly explore a few more physical principles that will play an important part in how we hear sound, resonance and reflection.

  • The Speakers 5:34

    The Speakers

    Let’s explore the construction of what creates our sound, the speaker. Learn more about how the speaker emits sound and interacts with our listening environment.

  • The Listening Position 11:51

    The Listening Position

    Discover the golden ratios that help us set up the perfect and ideal listening position. When ideal situations aren’t available, use what we’ve learned to create the most ideal set up.

  • The Room Pt. 1 10:39

    The Room Pt. 1

    Now that we’ve learned the basics about sound waves, let’s see how waves react in a room, and learn what effect the room has on the sound that we hear coming from our speakers.

  • The Room Pt. 2 6:55

    The Room Pt. 2

    In this video we’ll explore 2 methods of determining the listening position in the room, and discuss a few sacrifices that we may need to make due to space limitations.

  • Acoustic Treatment Pt. 1 9:20

    Acoustic Treatment Pt. 1

    Before we can treat our room, we need to first learn to identify common problems in the home studio. Here we’ll get some great tips on locating flutter echo and other common audio issues.

  • Acoustic Treatment Pt. 2 13:33

    Acoustic Treatment Pt. 2

    Learn how to properly select, and install acoustic treatment in your room. It’s not as hard as you think!

  • Treating Our Room Pt. 1 5:43

    Treating Our Room Pt. 1

    In this video, we'll go over some of the testing equipment we use to get a baseline acoustic analysis of our room. We'll also see how to analyze the test results.

  • Treating Our Room Pt. 2 7:29

    Treating Our Room Pt. 2

    Here we're going to make a plan of attack for improving the sound of our room. We'll start by finding a better location for our speakers and listening position.

  • Treating Our Room Pt. 3 8:44

    Treating Our Room Pt. 3

    Let's build our own broadband absorbers and bass traps, then we tackle the first order reflections. We smooth our bass response with bass traps and find some intuitive ways to battle resonant frequencies.

Product Overview

Studio professional Dave Askew breaks down the things you need to know for a solid foundational understanding of room acoustics, and how to set up your studio for better sound and mixes!

Dave starts out with why it’s important to have good acoustics in your studio and gives an in-depth overview of the basics of sound.

He then covers over the course of the series, speaker selection and placement, listening positions, understanding your room, acoustical treatment and more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for detailed info. If you have a studio, this info is priceless and will make for a better mixing and listening environment and ultimately, better sounding songs and productions. Watch “Home Studio Know-How: The Room & Acoustics” today!

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