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Hal Leonard Ukulele Method

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17 Videos | Length: 49min 46sec
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  • Introduction 5:46


    Lil' Rev Introduces himself and shares a bit about what we'll be learning in this series.

  • Musical Symbols 3:12

    Musical Symbols

    Rev talks about musical notation and the basics of reading music for ukulele.

  • Notes on the Strings 5:40

    Notes on the Strings

    Rev talks about musical notation and the basics of reading music for ukulele.

  • C Major Scale 1:36

    C Major Scale

    Lil' Rev starts this video off on the third (C) string, and begins teaching us some simple first notes on the ukulele.

  • High Notes 1:37

    High Notes

    Lil' Rev takes things higher up on the neck showing us some higher notes we can play on the ukulele.

  • Eighth Notes 1:58

    Eighth Notes

    Lil' Rev helps us understand eighth notes, and how to count eighth notes while we play the ukulele.

  • Basic Chords 2:11

    Basic Chords

    In this video, Lil' Rev shows us what chords are and how to play them for our first time.

  • Basic Strums 3:35

    Basic Strums

    While this video has focused on the thumb so far, we start learning about the basic strums you can play on the ukulele.

  • G Chord Family 3:59

    G Chord Family

    Rev shows us how to play a G chord and some of the other chords in it's family.

  • 3/4 Time 2:52

    3/4 Time

    In this video, Lil' Rev talks to us about keeping time and understanding different time signatures.

  • Sharps & Flats 0:28

    Sharps & Flats

    Lil' Rev teaches us about sharps and flats and how to recognize them on the staff bar.

  • F Chord Family 2:52

    F Chord Family

    This video focuses on the F chord family. Lil' Rev walks us through the different chords as we review and learn them all individually.

  • Single Roll Stroke 3:22

    Single Roll Stroke

    Lil' Rev explains what the single roll stroke is and how to play the signature sound on the ukulele.

  • Tremelo 3:55


    Lil' Rev talks about the beautiful sound known as tremolo, and how to use this technique in ukulele playing.

  • E Minor Chord Family 2:45

    E Minor Chord Family

    Lil' Rev shows us minor chords, and how to strum and play them on the uke.

  • The Uke Flip 2:05

    The Uke Flip

    In this video, Lil' Rev teaches you us 'The World Famous Vaudeville Uke Flip'

  • Practice Tips & Conclusion 1:53

    Practice Tips & Conclusion

    Lil' Rev ends this series with a few final words and a couple of tips for the road.

Product Overview

The Hal Leonard Ukulele Method is the perfect series for anyone wanting to learn to play the ukulele.

Acclaimed performer and uke master Lil' Rev teaches you the basics of the ukulele and explains Tuning, Single Note Melodies, Chords and Strumming, as well as practice tips.

The series also include on-screen musical examples that will help you play the ukulele in no time!

LIL' REV is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, writer and music historian from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He tours the United States teaching and performing original and traditional Folk, Blues, Ethnic, and Old-Time music.

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