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HALion 4 - Getting Started

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  • First Look 11:08

    First Look

    Set up preferences including input and output routing, key commands and discover differences between the standalone version and the plug-in version.

  • The Scratch Pad 8:20

    The Scratch Pad

    Discover how to use the Halion 4 scratch pad to rehearse and record ideas prior to incorporating them into a project as a MIDI file.

  • Screen Sets 5:15

    Screen Sets

    See how to adapt the ostensibly complex UI and save the result as a screen set ready to be implemented at a later date.

  • Exploring the Halion UI 3:20

    Exploring the Halion UI

    Here you’ll take a further look at the complex Halion 4 user interface prior to analyzing and deconstructing a Multi to get a good idea how they are created.

  • Analyzing Multi Programs 6:52

    Analyzing Multi Programs

    By exploring how an existing Multi is constructed to build a complex and professional sound, you’ll be able to see how to create your own.

  • Importing & Integrating Samples 8:53

    Importing & Integrating Samples

    Extending your knowledge of preset Multis, here you’ll see how to import audio samples to run alongside synthesized sound to create richer and complex sounds. Additionally, you’ll see how the integrated media bay allows for easy searching and accessing of sounds.

  • How Halion Creates Sound 3:36

    How Halion Creates Sound

    Learn how Halion 4 is much more than an audio sampler by taking in detailed information about synthesized audio creation.

  • Editing Samples 10:05

    Editing Samples

    See how to easily manipulate audio samples, or zones in Halion terminology, to become more creative.

  • Further & External Editing 3:35

    Further & External Editing

    Discover how to manipulate the length and playback of audio samples using the integrated looping functions while also being introduced to editing audio externally.

  • Mapping & Effects 7:50

    Mapping & Effects

    See how to add to a Multi by adding further audio samples and map them across a specific key range prior to editing in an audio editor, such as Steinberg’s Wavelab.

Product Overview

HALion 4 is the newest incarnation of Steinberg's powerful VST sampler. In this series, Steinberg guru Mark Struthers shows you how to get this powerful sampler up and running, as well as coverage of its features and functions.

Mark begins by taking a look at HALion 4's preferences as well as discussing the differences in the stand-alone and plug-in versions. Next, Mark demonstrates how to use the Scratch Pad and its features, and then discusses screen sets and how they can be set up. Taking a closer look at HALion's complex user interface, Mark demonstrates how to create the all-mighty Multi.

Moving on, Mark discusses importing and integrating samples to run alongside synthesized sound to create more complex timbres, and talks in detail about how HALion can create sound, making it much more than just an audio sampler. Mark then shows how audio samples can be easily manipulated, including adjusting the length of samples and HALion's formidable looping feature. Finally, Mark shows how to map Multis across a specific key range prior to editing in an audio editor, such as Steinberg's Wavelab.

If you are new to HALion and want to get going quickly, this is the series for you. Check out 'HALion 4 - Getting Started' today.

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