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Guitar Setup & Maintenance

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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction 1:12


    Denny shares a little about himself and his musical background before playing a little lick.

Chapter 2 : Acoustic Guitar

  • Acoustic Guitar - Getting Started 4:28

    Acoustic Guitar - Getting Started

    Denny takes a look at the tools we'll need to set up an acoustic guitar. Denny will be working on a 'Guild Dreadnaught' as we restring and tune the guitar.

  • Truss Rod Adjustment 6:31

    Truss Rod Adjustment

    Denny takes a deep look at the neck and shows how to adjust the truss rod.

  • Adjusting the Action 7:39

    Adjusting the Action

    Denny adjusts the action and gets things sounding great for open tunings. After we set it up we re-string the guitar and tune it to pitch.

  • Adjusting the Nut Height 6:22

    Adjusting the Nut Height

    Denny files down the nut to get the strings properly positioned.

Chapter 3 : Electric Guitar

  • Electric Guitar: Getting Started 3:11

    Electric Guitar: Getting Started

    Denny explains the tools we'll need to adjust an electric guitar properly. He then demonstrates how to quickly wind up a string and how to keep it in tune.

  • Setting Up The Bridge 4:34

    Setting Up The Bridge

    Denny examines the bridge on the "Strat" style guitar and then set up the Tremolo or the "Whammy Bar". We then tune the guitar to pitch.

  • Adjusting the Truss Rod 3:51

    Adjusting the Truss Rod

    Denny checks the "Zones" of the guitar's neck and start measuring and inspecting the neck position. You will learn how to loosen the truss rod and use the "Capo" for some adjustments.

  • Checking the Nut Height 5:17

    Checking the Nut Height

    We take a look at the stings and how they sit on the neck before filing down the nut and removing the "Buzzing" sounds.

  • The Tremolo Angle 1:12

    The Tremolo Angle

    Denny examines the back of the guitar and sets up the "Tremolo Angle" before tuning things back to pitch.

  • Adjusting the Pickups 1:57

    Adjusting the Pickups

    Denny takes a look at the height of the pickups with our ruler. He creates the right gaps for a good sounding and performing guitar.

Chapter 4 : Jazz Guitar

  • Setup 2:42


    Denny begins by discussing the tools we'll need for a "Jazz Guitar". He then shows us how to install a string before taking a close look at how to tie off your guitar string and quickly get into tune.

  • Truss Rod Adjustment 2:39

    Truss Rod Adjustment

    Denny removes the Truss Rod Cover and works with the 18" straight edge to check the neck for bows or gaps. He then lists off some things to watch out for, like over tightening.

  • Adjusting the Action 2:30

    Adjusting the Action

    In this video you'll learn how to adjust the action on your Jazz Guitar while paying close attention to the frets and string placement.

  • Setting the Bridge Height 1:03

    Setting the Bridge Height

    Denny adjusts the nut width by filing it down and re-sitting the string in the groove. You will also learn how to use our own fingers to inspect the tension of the strings and make your own judgements on what to do.

  • Finishing the Project 8:24

    Finishing the Project

    Denny files the nut height down before tuning the guitar to pitch and checking the action on the guitar one last time. As Denny has adjusted several of the moving parts on the guitar, things are going to need re-adjusting, so Denny adjust the small screws on the top of the pickup, changing the sound or "meat" of the string. Finally, Denny checks every fret of the guitar and inspects the sounds they make before playing the guitar and making sure everything is in tune.

Chapter 5 : Slide Guitar

  • Slide Guitar Setup 3:42

    Slide Guitar Setup

    Denny begins with a list of the tools we'll need for the Slide Guitar. He then shows us why a guitar that's set up for normal play will probably not work for slide guitar. Denny also loosens the truss rod a bit and checks all the Zones on the frets before adjusting the Truss Rod.

  • Adjusting Saddles 3:23

    Adjusting Saddles

    Denny takes the 6" ruler to the strings and saddle to see where the guitar is at and raises up the strings so they are more even, so the slide can evenly sit on the strings.

  • Re-String & Check Nut Height 9:13

    Re-String & Check Nut Height

    Denny first tunes the guitar and inspects how the strings are sitting on the frets before removing the nut. Which is a rather tricky procedure that involves a hammer and a few other tools. We see Denny throw on some new strings and tunes it back up before one last test run.

Chapter 6 : Floyd Rose

  • Floyd Rose: Setup 4:13

    Floyd Rose: Setup

    Denny takes a look at all the tools we'll need for a guitar with a "Floating Tremolo" with a Locking Nut. The guitar we'll check out is a Kramer Baretta. Denny shows us how to oil up the Tremolo and scrapes off the finish from the nut. This helps clean up the sound as these parts get dirty from everyday use.

  • Installing a String 6:13

    Installing a String

    Denny shows us how to install a string "Backwards" to help prevent guitars like this from detuning after a string breaks. He then tunes things up and gets things sounding good.

  • Adjusting the Springs 2:15

    Adjusting the Springs

    Denny adjusts the springs so the bridge is parallel with the body. After getting the springs set, he re-tunes the guitar to pitch.

  • Adjusting the Bridge 5:42

    Adjusting the Bridge

    Denny uses the allen wrench to adjust the height of the strings, and shows us some custom "Shims" and installs one under a saddle.

  • Adjusting Nut Height 9:37

    Adjusting Nut Height

    Denny checks the nut height for the guitar and loosens the set screws in the back of the head stock so he can place a shim under the nut. He then stretches out the strings a bit before fine tuning the guitar.

Chapter 7 : Truss Rod Adjustments

  • Electric Guitar 4:36

    Electric Guitar

    Denny discusses what tools we will need to adjust the truss rod. Starting with a "Tele-Style Truss Rod", he removes the neckplate, completely removes the neck and adjusts the truss rod.

  • Strat Style Truss Rod Adjustment 1:27

    Strat Style Truss Rod Adjustment

    Denny switches up the guitars to show us some different things we should watch out for when adjusting Trussn Rods. He uses the 1/8th Allen Wrench and some WD-40 to loosen up the Truss Rod.

  • Acoustic Guitar 2:05

    Acoustic Guitar

    Denny shows us a few different acoustic guitars and how to adjust their Truss Rods. Some acoustic guitars are adjusted from inside the sound hole and others from the headstock.

Chapter 8 : Credits

  • Credits 0:59


    Denny shares a few last words and signs off with some acoustic guitar while the credits roll.

Product Overview

Denny Rauen is a nationally-acclaimed master luthier whose clientele includes many top musicians and collectors from around the world, including Keith Richards, Buddy Guy, Tom Bukovac, Roger Glover, Willy Porter, Andy McKee, Greg Koch, and many more.

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rauen Guitars specializes in the restoration, repair, and modification of new and vintage acoustic and electric guitars, basses, harp-guitars, mandolins, and banjos.

In this must-have instructional DVD, Denny personally teaches you Acoustic & Electric Guitar Setup, Jazz, Slide and Floyd Rose Setups, How to adjust the Truss Rod, Bridge, Pickups, Pole Pieces, Nut Height, Saddles, Tremelo Angle and Many Trade Secrets!

Wether you fix guitars for a living, are a hobbyist, or just want to save money and learn to fix your own, this series is a must see... Checkout "Guitar Setup & Maintenance" today!

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