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Guitar Licks with Greg Koch

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  • Introduction 2:27


    Greg welcomes us to the series with a guitar lick, then tunes up before getting into this long list of signature styled guitar licks.

  • Jimi Hendrix 2:58

    Jimi Hendrix

    In this video, Greg focuses on the awesome Jimi Hendrix. Greg shows us a few Licks and helps us understand his interesting sound.

  • Albert King 4:33

    Albert King

    Greg talks about one of his all time favorites, Albert King. He had a massive influence on many players including Stevie Ray Vaughan and we learn a couple awesome riffs featuring his tone and style.

  • Albert Collins 8:02

    Albert Collins

    Greg talks about the Master of the Telecaster or the Ice Man, and his big influence on Jimi Hendrix. He again takes us inside the mindset and shows us his signature sound so you can add it to your lick collection.

  • Eddie Van Halen 4:37

    Eddie Van Halen

    This video features the widely influential styles of the rock lick master Eddie Van Halen. We learn a couple licks featuring his awesome tapping and bending techniques.

  • Eric Clapton 7:07

    Eric Clapton

    Greg starts us off with a Clapton styled lick, and talks a bit about his signature styles and affects on music today. Greg shows us a couple quick licks and then slows things down to get it right.

  • B.B King 6:58

    B.B King

    Duane Allman

  • Duane Allman 3:49

    Duane Allman

    In this video, Greg takes a second to talk to us about some of Duane's music and history. We learn a couple licks from Duane and slow them down to learn them from the ground up.

  • Jimmy Page 4:50

    Jimmy Page

    Greg talks about the guitarist from Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page. He dissects a couple of his licks and shows us how to model his quick licks and classic Page sound.

  • James Burton 5:35

    James Burton

    This video focus on the pickin' pioneer, James Burton. We get an up close look at a couple of his signature licks and a simple way to understand the style he played.

  • Albert Lee 5:03

    Albert Lee

    Greg talks to us about Albert Lee, and how he became obsessed with his playing. We take a look at his signature sound and learn a couple licks, slowing things down and speeding them up.

  • Roy Buchanan 4:51

    Roy Buchanan

    We learn about the great Roy Buchanan, and a brief history on his sound. Greg shows us a few licks and gets us familiar with how to play Roy's sound.

  • Danny Gatton 5:24

    Danny Gatton

    Greg talks about Gatton's awesome signature lap steel sound, and takes us through each note and teaches us how to to master his licks.

  • Chet Atkins 4:03

    Chet Atkins

    Greg gives us a great quick history lesson on Chet, and the inspiration and respect he's earned. Greg demonstrates his quick paced sound and shows us how to master his signature sound.

  • Jerry Reed 4:11

    Jerry Reed

    This video focuses on the innovative Jerry Reed, and a couple of licks that Greg helps us learn and understand.

  • Eric Johnson 4:30

    Eric Johnson

    Inspired by everyone from Jerry Reed to Jimi Hendrix, we have the great Eric Johnson. Greg shows us a couple smooth licks from Eric's collection and slows things down so we can see how to do it.

  • Jeff Beck 3:30

    Jeff Beck

    Greg talks about Jeff's long and glorious musical career, and a bit about the licks we'll be learning in this video.

  • Django Reinhardt 2:30

    Django Reinhardt

    Greg focuses on the great gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. We take a close look at a few of his licks and slow things down to take a closer look.

  • Chuck Berry 2:39

    Chuck Berry

    Greg talks about and demonstrates some guitar licks from legendary rock n' roll guitarist Chuck Berry.

  • Charlie Christian 2:23

    Charlie Christian

    In this video, Greg talks about the first electric guitar hero, Charlie Christian. Greg shows us a couple licks from a few of Charlies tunes.

  • Joe Pass 2:19

    Joe Pass

    Greg talks about the legendary figure in jazz guitar history, Joe Pass. Being some of the first licks that Greg ever learned, he shows us his sound and teach us some of his jazzy licks.

  • Wes Montgomery 3:24

    Wes Montgomery

    We learn about the jazz guitar Master, Wes Montgomery. As one of the most influential players in guitar history, Greg takes us inside a few of his licks so we can understand how to play them.

  • Randy Rhoads 3:01

    Randy Rhoads

    Greg gives us a quick history lesson on the great Randy Rhoads and lists a few records that he was on. Greg then shows us a few of his signature Licks giving us a simple approach to learning his style.

  • Yyngwie Malmsteen 3:12

    Yyngwie Malmsteen

    Greg talks about the great classical rock guitar pioneer Yyngwie Malmsteen. We take a look at two Yyngwie licks to put in your personal collection.

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan 3:22

    Stevie Ray Vaughan

    We dive into a little Stevie Ray history before learning a couple licks from the widely respected guitar master.

  • Conclusion 1:53


    Greg signs off with a couple words and plays one final lick.

Product Overview

In this must-have Hal Leonard Guitar Method instructional series, guitar master Greg Koch teaches you 50 lead licks and phrases in the style of legendary guitar greats.

See and hear how to lay it down like Duane Allman, Chet Atkins, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, Roy Buchanan, James Burton, Charlie Christian, Eric Clapton, Albert Collins, Danny Gatton, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Albert King, B.B. King, Albert Lee, Yngwie Malmsteen, Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Page, Joe Pass, Jerry Reed, Django Reinhardt, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, and Stevie Ray Vaughan!

The series also includes On-Screen Guitar Tab so you can follow right along.

If you want to get into the head of these guitar greats, Greg Koch is your tour guide, showing you how they approached their most famous licks and phrases... Watch "Guitar Licks with Greg Koch" today!

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