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Global Beats for Drumset & Percussion

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13 Videos | Length: 1hr 55min 26sec
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  • Introduction 1:07


    Walfredo introduces himself and shares a bit about this video series and what all we'll be learning.

  • Cometelo Caliente Pt. 1 9:58

    Cometelo Caliente Pt. 1

    In this video, the whole band gives us an epic performance and explains how he put everything together. Walfredo explains each part of the rhythm and how to understand whats going on, and then starts with some exercises to follow along with.

  • Cometelo Caliente Pt. 2 13:49

    Cometelo Caliente Pt. 2

    Walfredo continues on the Cometelo Caliente and integrates some more styles into his rhythm. He explains a bit about Clave and the performance to help us understand everything.

  • Funky Arequita 9:18

    Funky Arequita

    Walfredo and the band give us a funky performance. Walfredo then explains the tune or rhythm before he goes through several examples of what we heard, but without the band.

  • Rah Jah Reggae 15:12

    Rah Jah Reggae

    Walfredo and the band take things to a Raggae style and give us another groovin' performance. Walfredo explains how he combined Reggae with the cha-cha. He then explains other styles like Ska and how it's related to Reggae. He helps you understand the different styles of Reggae playing and how to get comfortable with this type of playing.

  • Zouk Du Jour 10:05

    Zouk Du Jour

    Walfredo and the band give us a great performance of the 'Zouk Du Jour' and he explains a bit about it's history and how it was made. He then gives us several exercises and examples to follow.

  • Tu Maracatu 11:25

    Tu Maracatu

    In this video, waldredo and the band perform the 'Tu Maracatu' rhythm and give us a lesson on it's rich history. Walfredo speaks about what he has learned on his travels to Pernambuco with Giovanni Hidalgo. He then gives us some examples of these rhythms and how to practice them.

  • Espiritual 15:29


    Ray starts this video off with a drum solo before the band comes in for another full performance. He then explains that the main rhythm is the Samba rhythm from Brazil. He shares the history of the Espiritual style, and a bit about the different percussion that is used traditionally.

  • Mangambe 5:59


    In this video, Ray starts off by talking about African Rhythm and the amazing amount of rhythms that came from different parts of Africa. Ray then explains the Mangambe Rhythm before performing several exercises.

  • Bass & Drums Performance 7:24

    Bass & Drums Performance

    Ray gives a few great performances accompanied by the bass guitar.

  • Coordination Exercises 9:20

    Coordination Exercises

    Ray shows us several Coordination exercises that we can easily follow, he brings in some hand held percussion and brushes to show even more exercises we can learn.

  • Using Hand Percussion 5:09

    Using Hand Percussion

    In this video, Walfredo discusses Hand Percussion (like the Tambourine , Brushes, and Shakers). After the overview of the different instruments Walfredo uses, he then shows some examples of how percussion instruments sound along with a drum set.

  • Credits 1:11



Product Overview

In this Hal Leonard series, virtuoso drummer Walfredo Reyes Jr. shows you how to combine rock drumming techniques with a wide range of African, Caribbean and South American percussion sounds to create an integrated global drumming style.

Through inspirational live performances and detailed, step-by- step analysis, Walfredo shows you how to develop a "split brain" style combining right-hand rock beats with left-hand global percussion. You'll also learn to understand and play a variety of intricate global beats including Mangambe, Arequita, Zouk, Maracatu, Reggae, Cha Cha and other beats.

Additionally, this series will show you how to integrate the traditional drumset with percussion instruments such as Timbales, Bongo and Agogo Bells, and Guiro. Furthermore, you'll learn to use the standard drumset to emulate the sounds of Clave, Bomba, Surdo, Tambourin, Shakers, and more!

Also included is a downloadable PDF that contains the lesson examples Walfredor refers to throughout the series. Get it via the "Download Project Extras" link that will appear below the video titles list on the left of this page once you're signed in to your All-Access Web Pass. If you bought the download version of this product, the PDF is included in the download.

If you play drums, why not add international flavor into your drumming? Be a worldly traveler... watch "Global Beats For Drumset & Percussion" today!

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