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Getting Creative with Your DAW

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23 Videos | Length: 2hr 52min 31sec
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  • image description 6:17

    Turning a Drum Beat into a Bass Part

    This video shows how you can take your drum rhythm ideas and convert them to baselines that follow the groove.

  • image description 3:07

    Using Sequencers to Write Melody Ideas

    This video explores how you can use different editors, like the Sequence Editor to Help you come up with melody ideas over your typical Piano Roll Editor.

  • image description 6:19

    Using Arpeggiators to Create Beats & Melodies

    If you're stuck for ideas you can use a MIDI Arpeggiator effect to help you come up with new beats and melody ideas for your songs. See how!

  • image description 5:50

    Re-Pitching Drums to Change Up Beats

    This video shows you how you can re-pitch your drums to enhance your drum beats.

  • image description 7:15

    Re-Pitching Audio with a Sampler

    Continuing on from the previous video, discover how to re-pitch audio through a sampler for an alternate sound.

  • image description 5:45

    MIDI Chord Effects for Chord Ideas

    Watch how you can use MIDI Chord effects and Chord apps to help you come up with cool chord progression ideas for your songs.

  • image description 11:02

    Creating Stutter Gated Effects

    In this video, Gary shows you how you can create your own stutter gated audio effects through the editing tools in your DAW.

  • image description 8:58

    Using Reverses in Your Productions

    Here we go over how you can create and use reverse sounds in your productions for transition effects and for creating extra interest in the mix.

  • image description 11:35

    Create Your Own Vocal Drum Beats

    In this video, Gary shows you how to record a beatboxed voice drum idea into your DAW, and then how to process it and layer it with other drums to create your own unique drum beats.

  • image description 6:34

    Using Extreme Time Stretching Techniques

    See how to use the application "Paul's SoundStrech" to apply extreme time stretching to your audio and how it can be used in your productions.

  • image description 7:14

    Creating a Filtered White Noise Riser Effect

    Here we show you how you can take a white noise sample and process and automate it to create a riser transition effect in your songs.

  • image description 8:16

    Resampling Audio Through the Sampler

    Explore how you can take an instrument, bounce it down and then pull it into a sampler to further process the sound through the sampler's processing effects.

  • image description 7:51

    The Filtered Telephone Vocal Effect

    This video shows you how to create that classic telephone-style sounding filtered vocal effect. This works great to create contrast against other vocals in your productions.

  • image description 7:14

    Robotic Synth Voices with Pitch Correction

    Here Gary shows you how you can use a pitch correction effect to make your vocals sound robotic & synthetic. Another nice way to create contrast with your vocals in the mix!

  • image description 7:00

    Creating Vocoder Effects

    Watch how to create a Vocoder style vocal effect with your vocal audio and vocoder instrument effects.

  • image description 12:23

    Vocal Re-Pitching Techniques

    This video shows you how you can use a sampler to re-pitch your vocals, and how the re-pitching changes the timbre and tone of the vocal.

  • image description 7:06

    Using Sidechaining to Give Pumping Effects

    See how you can use sidechaing compression to give pumping effects to your transition sounds and instruments.

  • image description 4:31

    Volume Automation for Sidechaining

    In this video, Gary shows you an alternative way to create a sidechaining ducking effect through volume automation, allowing more micro control over the ducking effect.

  • image description 8:43

    Layered Sounds to Make One Complex Instrument

    Explore how you can layer up multiple instruments to make one complex instrument in your productions.

  • image description 9:55

    Multiband Saturation Effects

    In this video, Gary shows how to build up a multiband effect in your productions.

  • image description 4:30

    Morphing Between Sounds with Volume Control Automation

    Watch how you can use volume automation to create an effect that sounds like you are morphing between two instruments. Also the benefits of region based automation over track automation are explained.

  • image description 7:36

    Lo-Fi Effects to Create Contrast

    Gary shows you how you can use lo-fi effects, like bit crushing effects to create contrast in your mix.

  • image description 7:30

    Spectral Editing Your Sounds to Create New Sounds

    Finally we finish off the series showing you how you can use spectral audio editors to manipulate your sounds visually and create new sounds in your productions!

Product Overview

Gary Hiebner delivers cool "getting creative videos" when using your DAW! Learn all kinds of ways to make interesting new sounds and effects with any DAW. These creative DAW tutorials are perfect for those just starting out using any DAW, as well as for more intermediate DAW users.

Gary welcomes you and then starts with a video on how to turn your drum beat into a bass part, which is a great production trick for getting a tight rhythm section groove. He then shows you how to use sequencers and arpeggiators to compose melody lines and beats that you may not ever have thought of. Re-pitching your audio is then shown and you'll see how this is great for enhancing and alternating otherwise plain sounds, into ones with a lot of character.

Moving on, you'll see how to use MIDI chord effects & chord apps to help you come up with interesting new chord progressions, create stutter gated audio effects, use reverse effects for transitions, apply extreme time stretching to your audio for other worldly sounds, resampling audio through a sampler for more effect options, and create filtered telephone fx and robotic synth voices with pitch correction tools.

Throughout the rest of the DAW video tutorials, Gary shows you things like using sidechaing compression to produce pumping effects, using a sidechaining ducking effect via volume automation for complete control, layering sounds for impact, assigning knobs and faders on your MIDI controller to parameters within your DAW, morphing between sounds for wild effects, making lo-fi sounds for contrast, and much, much more.

To see what these getting creative DAW tutorials show you and how they'll help you make interesting new sounds and effects in your DAW, see the individual creative DAW tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're ready to explore a world of new sounds and production techniques, this collection of creative DAW videos are just for you... watch “Getting Creative with Your DAW" today!

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Gary Hiebner is a sound designer and music composer from South Africa who has worked in new media such as music and sound for TV and online games. He has worked through a multitude of different audio software, and through this found a passion for teaching how to use the different types of audio software that are available on the market. Gary is a firm believer that audio software has its place in the creative field and using them as tools you can get different results which you might not have ever imagined in your compositions and productions.

Products by Gary

  • image description
    tutorial video

    ACID Pro 8 Explained

    In this Groove3 video tutorial series, DAW pro Gary Hiebner delivers a video collection designed for the new ACID Pro 8 user! Learn everything you need to know to get started with ACID Pro 8, all the way through exporting your first song for everyone to hear.

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions

    Orchestral wiz Gary Hiebner shows you how to create an epic cinematic composition from scratch, which can be used for a film, game or TV soundtrack. You also get the Logic Pro X project file containing the associated MIDI files allowing you to experiment with your own virtual instruments, as well as the audio stems, so you can compare your sounds against Gary’s!

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Creating Epic Heroic Themes

    In this Groove3 video tutorial series, production pro Gary Hiebner reveals how to produce epic heroic musical themes, perfect for film and video productions, as well as gaming titles!

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Creating Game Audio Explained

    In this Groove3 video tutorial series, sound design guru Gary Hiebner shows you what you need to know to get started on creating audio for the incredibly lucrative gaming industry.

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Cubase 10: Editing Audio Explained

    In this Groove3 video tutorial series, DAW pro Gary Hiebner brings you in-depth videos on the basics and intermediate audio editing in the new Cubase 10! Learn all about Cubase 10's powerful audio editing features and capabilities, and how to use them on your Cubase tracks.

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