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Chapter 1 : Series Introduction

  • image description 5:02

    Welcome to GetGood Drums

    Luke introduces you to the GetGood Drums virtual instrument featuring the Matt Halpern sample library.

Chapter 2 : Interface Navigation & Drum Auditioning

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    Loading GetGood Drums in KONTAKT

    Learn a variety of ways that you can to load GetGood Drums into KONTAKT.

  • image description 4:33

    Auditioning Sounds

    Get a walkthrough of the GetGood Drums interface and how to audition each drum.

  • image description 6:38

    MIDI Layout & Articulation

    Luke explains the layout of the default MIDI mapping and talks about the different instrument articulations available within this plug-in.

Chapter 3 : Settings Panel

  • image description 3:04

    Setting MIDI Mapping Presets

    See how to set the correct MIDI Mapping info for your drum module or drum MIDI to make sure the proper samples are triggered.

  • image description 6:21

    Global Velocity Curve

    Luke demonstrates how to use the velocity curve to create a more realistic performance and playback experience.

  • image description 9:18

    Creating Custom MIDI Maps

    Can't find a MIDI map preset that works for your setup? Explore how to create a custom MIDI map to make sure each articulation is triggering properly.

  • image description 3:13

    Using the Learn Function

    Get an explanation of how you can use the built-in "Learn" function to quickly map articulations to specific MIDI notes by using your MIDI controller.

  • image description 1:29

    Saving Presets

    Luke explains the importance of saving your settings and shows you how to save presets in a variety of ways.

Chapter 4 : Mixing within GetGood Drums

  • image description 6:18

    Making Mix Adjustments

    Luke demonstrates how to make mix adjustments within the GetGood Drums plug-in in real-time while playing back one of his drum performances.

  • image description 5:28

    Creative Options

    Luke explains his mix choices from the previous video along with additional creative mix options.

Chapter 5 : Multi-Channel Output Configurations

  • image description 8:16

    8 Stereo Channels

    See how to setup both KONTAKT and GetGood Drums for multi-channel output functionality.

  • image description 5:01

    Multi-Channel Mixing Options

    Luke demonstrates how you can mix within the GetGood Drums interface and within your DAW simultaneously when using a multi-channel output configuration, and also explains the benefit of using all stereo channels.

  • image description 6:06

    8 Mono & 4 Stereo Channels

    Discover an alternative method of setting up multi-channel output configurations with additional output options.

  • image description 5:45

    Mix with Mono & Stereo Channels

    Luke now explains how additional multi-channel outputs provide more flexibility when mixing within your DAW.

  • image description 7:18

    Using FX in Your DAW

    Luke reveals how you can add FX to discrete channels within your DAW when using a multi-channel output configuration.

Chapter 6 : Practical Applications

  • image description 9:14

    Mix Examples with Performance

    Luke provides a demonstration of additional mix options within GetGood Drums along with a video performance on his electronic drums. Watch the performance video and the mix adjustments at the same time.

  • image description 7:35

    Hard Hitting Grooves

    Listen to new groove examples with a heavier feel to hear how GetGood Drums performs.

  • image description 7:13

    Ghost Note Grooves

    Luke provides a funky groove example with softer dynamics to showcase the ability of GetGood Drums to sound great with any genre of music.

  • image description 8:20

    Halpern Drums with Slate Trigger 2 Pt. 1

    Are you recording acoustic drums? Learn how to replace/layer your drums with the Matt Halpern samples from GetGood Drums using Trigger 2.

  • image description 6:15

    Halpern Drums with Slate Trigger 2 Pt. 2

    Luke places Trigger 2 on the kick, snare top, snare bottom and tom channels to demonstrate how all drums can be replaced using the Matt Halpern samples from GetGood Drums. Examples include both heavy-hitting grooves and softer funky grooves.

Chapter 7 : Conclusion

  • image description 1:07

    Series Recap

    Luke ends with a video recap of all subjects covered in this tutorial series.

Product Overview

In this video tutorial series, drum master Luke Oswald covers the amazing sounding GetGood Drums virtual instrument drum library in detail. See how to get killer drum sounds for your productions!

Luke starts with how to load GetGoodDrums into Kontakt, and then walks you through the plug-in interface, as well as how to audition each drum.

He then explores how the default mapping layout works and discusses instrument articulations, MIDI mapping presets, creating custom map presets and velocity curve adjustments.

Luke goes deeper and provides realtime mix examples of how you can mix and choose different drums within the GetGoodDrums interface and how to setup multi-channel configurations and add FX from your DAW for additional processing.

Finally, Luke provides a series of practical applications for GetGoodDrums including extended mix options, hard-hitting and softer groove examples, as well as drum replacement using the Matt Halpern sample library.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you want to know all about one of the best sounding drum libraries out there, checkout “GetGood Drums Explained” today.

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Rated 3.0 out of 5 by from Definitely not what I expected. I purchased getgood drums modern and massive, and then I purchased this video series not realizing that it is outdated And in regards to the Halpern pack only. Everything on screen for getgood drums in these videos is completely different than in modern and massive, and there is a ton of info that it doesn't cover that seems to me you should be basic stuff *website removed* The subject matter in the videos is honestly fairly basic stuff like I said, personally I just did not find it very helpful at all.
Date published: 1969-12-31
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