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Get That Classic Fender Sound

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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 23min 35sec
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  • Chapter 1 5:18

    Chapter 1

    Jim and the band gives us a great introduction Jam, followed by some words by Happy Traum and Jim Weider about the series.

  • Chapter 2 5:16

    Chapter 2

    Jim shows us his 1952 Telecaster and helps you understand all the different parts.

  • Chapter 3 9:50

    Chapter 3

    In this video, Jim talks about the "King of the Telecaster", and some of the signiture sounds that the Telecaster can make.

  • Chapter 4 9:48

    Chapter 4

    Jim shows us his 1955 Telecaster and talks to us about the changes and transitions the Tele went through that year. Jim dives into Amps and the different models that he uses, along with some tips on picking and playing.

  • Chapter 5 7:47

    Chapter 5

    In this video, Jim shows us his 1960 Custom Sunburst Esquire and helps us learn a few licks that reflect it's signiture sound.

  • Chapter 6 11:52

    Chapter 6

    Jim talks about Cornel Dupree and shows us his bouncy guitar styles on the Telecaster. Jim then shows us the 1960's Paisley Telecaster Reissue, alongside the 1964 Pro Reverb Amplifer.

  • Chapter 7 4:08

    Chapter 7

    In this video Jim plays us some more licks and the band gives us a rockin' jam at the end.

  • Chapter 8 10:53

    Chapter 8

    Jim opens up a 1954 Stratocaster and shows us why it's so special. Jim also shows us a few other very special Fender Guitars and Amplifiers.

  • Chapter 9 12:43

    Chapter 9

    This video starts off with Jim and the Band playing some awesome Blues Rock before diving into the background and techniques. Jim also shows us some different styles and more amplifiers.

  • Chapter 10 6:00

    Chapter 10

    Jim and the band show us some Surf Rock on his Fender Jazzmaster. He then talks a bit about Surf Music in the 60's and why certain guitars and amplifiers helped shape the sound of that genre.

  • Chapter 11 0:00

    Chapter 11

    Jim shows us some licks with the slide and talks about "The Champ" amplifier. Then, Jim and the band rocks out one last time.

Product Overview

Learn amazing licks and solos, and get a close look at some of the famous guitars and amps that made rock 'n' roll history! Jim Weider is an expert in Fender styles, and you'll learn essential guitar techniques such as double bends, volume swells, raking and muting, pedal steel licks, Texas blues, harmonics, chicken pickin', finger-and-pick rhythm and lead, and much more. Includes downloadable PDF!

Follow along as Jim details the innovative and groundbreaking instrumental techniques of Roy Buchanan, James Burton, Steve Cropper, Robbie Robertson, Cornell Dupree, Freddy King, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix.

Jim amassed a mind-boggling collection of original instruments for this session and gives you a fascinating rundown on each one's special features, distinguishing characteristics and particular tonal qualities. The instruments and amps are each linked to a specific player and style to give you a complete understanding of the way they were used to achieve their trademark sounds.

As a bonus, top back-up players help Jim demonstrate the way these sound in a full rock band setting. Watch “Get That Classic Fender Sound” today!

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