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  • Introduction, Interface & Snapshots 10:11

    Introduction, Interface & Snapshots

    In this video, Larry introduces the series, discussing the principles of the plugin. You'll learn to navigate the interface and how to save/recall presets.

  • The Layers, Lo-Fi & Wavetable Controls 9:57

    The Layers, Lo-Fi & Wavetable Controls

    Next up, explore the features of the Sound Editor, starting with the layer controls and lo-fi/wavetable effects, which allow you to dial in old-school flavor!

  • The Filters 9:14

    The Filters

    In this video, discover how to set up the filter globally for both layers and also explore filter parameters and types.

  • The LFOs 8:47

    The LFOs

    Learn how to assign LFOs and the different waveform options, including the flexible Multi Mode. Also examine the remaining LFO parameters: rate and re-trigger.

  • The Envelopes 6:58

    The Envelopes

    In this video, Larry covers assigning the envelopes and their controls, including the Attack Curve option. You'll also learn to route an envelope to affect LFO parameters.

  • The Modulation Section 5:47

    The Modulation Section

    Next up, explore how to link modulation sources with destinations to implement modulation in GLAZE. Also examine aftertouch, mod wheel, and velocity as sources.

  • The FX Editor 4:36

    The FX Editor

    Here, Larry illustrates the way in which we interact with the FX Editor, including re-ordering effects, changing effects parameters, saving/loading effects chains or unit presets, and bypassing the effects chain.

  • The Sequencer Pt. 1 13:55

    The Sequencer Pt. 1

    Discover how to use the sequencer, starting with the pitch and velocity lanes, allowing us to create arpeggiated parts packed with groove and flavor.

  • The Sequencer Pt. 2 4:37

    The Sequencer Pt. 2

    In this video, you'll continue to investigate the sequencer by employing the macro controls to again create rhythmic interest.

  • The Macros 9:53

    The Macros

    Explore how to assign and un-assign parameters to macros, setting ranges and also varying the slope of the macro's fader range.

  • The Settings 6:52

    The Settings

    The Settings page is explained next, demonstrating how you can set GLAZE to operate in terms of play modes, layer ranges, pitch bend, glide, and velocity.

  • Sound Design Example 1: Riffs & Chords 11:36

    Sound Design Example 1: Riffs & Chords

    In this video, Larry demonstrates how to use the Riff and Run layer presets in a different key. These riffs are combined with some chords within the same patch to create a layered vocal effect.

  • Sound Design Example 2: Riffs & Bass 6:51

    Sound Design Example 2: Riffs & Bass

    Finally, learn to alter a patch so you're able to play riffs with the right hand and bass notes in the lower register with the left hand.

Product Overview

Studio expert Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive Native Instruments GLAZE video tutorials! If you're excited about dressing up your productions with this powerful and unique vocal instrument, this is the video course to watch! Larry takes you from the basics into the more advanced features, demonstrating all the while how you can create your own inspiring sounds. These videos are for new Native Instruments GLAZE users.

Larry welcomes you and begins by familiarizing you with the interface and also demonstrates how to save and recall presets. You'll then explore the Sound Editor, where you'll learn how to manipulate the layer controls and lo-fi/wavetable effects to create some retro sounds. Next up, dive into the filter, LFOs, and envelopes for some customizable sound design, including routing an envelope to specific LFO parameters.

Next, discover the linking of modulation sources and destinations and learn how to re-order effects, tweak effects parameters, save/load effect chains, and bypass the effects within the Effects Editor.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn all about the vast rhythmic possibilities with the 16-step Sequencer, maximum ease of control with Macros, and how to tailor GLAZE to your liking with the Settings page. Larry closes out the course with two sound design videos, in which you'll see how to use the Riff and Run layer presets in different keys, combine them with chords for a layered vocal effect, and more!

To see exactly what these in-depth Native Instruments GLAZE tutorials show you, and how they'll help you start creating stunning vocal effects and sounds for your next song or production, see the individual GLAZE video tutorial descriptions on this page. Add some serious gloss to your tracks today... Watch “GLAZE Explained®” now!

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