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Free VST Instruments Explained® - Vol 1

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  • Drum Pro 13:19

    Drum Pro

    Learn how to take advantage of this simple yet powerful drum machine called "Drum Pro". Kenny takes you through the ins and the outs of setting this up in your project, including separating each sound onto different tracks.

  • Sitala 15:26


    In this video, Kenny shows you Sitala, which is another FREE VST drum machine that allows custom configuring along with using your own custom sounds. This is a great drum product that can be sent to one track per pad in any DAW.

  • MT Power Drumkit 12:27

    MT Power Drumkit

    Next we get to realistic sounding drum software. MT Power Drumkit is a free, powerful piece of kit that offers flexibility, and a ton of grooves that are pre-programmed to work in your songs.

  • Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Free 14:07

    Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Free

    Similar to other Slate drum software, Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Free offers a similar type product that is 100% free. It comes with one very usable kit and all of the realism you would expect from a commercially available product.

  • Ample Bass P Lite II 14:19

    Ample Bass P Lite II

    Next we jump into some musical instruments, starting with a real Bass Guitar software plug-in. Not only does this thing use a ton of samples, but it?s filled with noises, slaps, FX and whatever sound a bass guitar could dream of making, making your bass part sound incredibly real.

  • Ample Guitar M Lite 11:11

    Ample Guitar M Lite

    Similar to the Bass software, Ample Guitar M Lite is an incredibly powerful acoustic guitar simulator. Not only can we play it from a MIDI controller, but it has a whole strumming feature that allows you to create realistic acoustic guitar parts right in your DAW.

  • Piano One 11:00

    Piano One

    Piano One has been the most popular FREE Piano software for many years and it's quality shows in its sound, and is on par with some of the best paid products out there. Kenny shows you the ins and outs of this great sounding, useful plug-in.

  • Tyrell N6 12:30

    Tyrell N6

    As we jump head first into synths, the Tyrell N6 is clearly one of the best virtual analog synth plug-ins available. And, it's also FREE. In this video, Kenny goes thru a few of the best presets and how to tweak them to create your own. Based on the Juno synths of the 80s, this software will be a staple in your DAW for years to come.

  • Tunefish 4 16:13

    Tunefish 4

    Next we check out a great virtual digital synth plug-in, Tunefish 4. While Tunefish 4 might not be the most powerful virtual digital synth you can find, it is incredibly usable nonetheless. Featuring a very simple one page design that will have you tweaking and creating lush synths in minutes. And did we mention it's FREE?

  • Plogue Alter Ego 7:42

    Plogue Alter Ego

    Last but not least, Kenny shows you the great, free vocal synth called Alter Ego. Finally we have a vocal synth for people who can't sing or just want that digital vocal sound. Kenny takes you thru how this plug-in works and shows you a great example of how to use it in your songs.

Product Overview

Kenny Gioia brings you detailed virtual instrument video tutorials on some of the best FREE VST instrument plug-ins, all for absolutely nothing! See some of Kenny's favorites with an in-depth tutorial for each virtual instrument showing you all of it's features and functions, plus how to use it. These videos are for those looking for high quality, free VST/AU/AAX virtual instruments, with free instruction on using them.

Are you looking for some great virtual instrument plug-ins but don't have any cash to invest right now? Well Kenny Gioia has you covered. Discover 10 of Kenny's favorite free VST/AU/AAX instruments and learn how to use them on your next production or song, all for free.

The free virtual instruments featured in the videos cover all of your basics such as drums, bass, guitar, piano, synths and even vocals, and can certainly be used to make a complete, professional sounding song from scratch. They also have AU versions, and some even have AAX versions.

The featured free virtual instruments are:

Drum Pro


MT Power Drumkit

Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Free

Ample Bass P Lite II

Ample Guitar M Lite

Piano One (Neo Piano)

Tyrell N6

Tunefish 4

Alter Ego

*Links to the plug-in downloads from their respective sites are included in a document downloadable from the Course Extras download link.

Explore these great free virtual instruments today!

To see what these in-depth free VST instrument tutorials show you, and how they'll help you to understand and use them quickly, see the individual free VST plug-in video tutorial descriptions on this page. Find new sonic inspiration and add these free virtual instruments to your DAW, and get free training on them too. After all, you have nothing to loose! Watch "Free VST Instruments Explained® - Vol 1" today.

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