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Flex Pitch Explained®

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Chapter 1 : Overview

  • Flex Pitch Overview 3:43

    Flex Pitch Overview

    Get the tour of where to edit with Flex Time in the Tracks area and Audio Pitch Editor.

  • Formants Explained 5:02

    Formants Explained

    Get an overview of what formants are and how to modify them in Flex Pitch to shape sound.

Chapter 2 : Working with Flex Pitch

  • Flex Pitch in the Tracks Area 5:05

    Flex Pitch in the Tracks Area

    Discover how to edit pitch and formants in the Tracks area.

  • Audio Track Editor Local Inspector 6:48

    Audio Track Editor Local Inspector

    See how to quantize time and pitch as well as change gain with this inspector.

  • Audio Track Editor Hot Spots 7:21

    Audio Track Editor Hot Spots

    Check out the note box handles to manipulate pitch, pitch drift, gain, vibrato and formants.

  • Audio Track Inspector Note Boxes 5:26

    Audio Track Inspector Note Boxes

    Watch Doug demonstrate how they let you change pitch, adjust length and move in time. Delete, create and merge them as well.

Chapter 3 : Tips and Workflow

  • Creating Harmonies & Pitch to MIDI 7:53

    Creating Harmonies & Pitch to MIDI

    Get a demonstration on creating harmonies and learn about Flex Pitch's pitch to MIDI function.

  • Three Tips 5:16

    Three Tips

    Watch Doug set up a key command, work with an Apple Loop and use your MIDI controller to edit note pitch.

  • Flex Pitch & Time Conflicts 7:31

    Flex Pitch & Time Conflicts

    Find out what to do when warning boxes appear as you toggle from Flex Pitch and Flex Time.

Product Overview

Presented by Apple Certified Logic Trainer Doug Zangar, this collection of video tutorials explores Logic Pro X's amazing Flex Pitch re-tuning feature. Join Doug as he shows you all of Flex Pitch's features and functions, as well as how to use it to create harmonies and more!

Doug begins with an overview of the Flex Pitch feature before jumping right in with an introduction to the all mighty "formant". From here, Doug gets hands on taking a look at using Flex Pitch in the Tracks Area and editing the pitch and formant settings to sculpt your vocals and sounds. Next, Doug digs into using the local inspector to quantize time and pitch, as well as change the gain.

Audio Track Editor hot spots are up next and Doug shows how they can be used to change pitch, pitch drift, gain, vibrato and formants easily. Finally, Doug moves on to some workflow tips, sharing some great knowledge on the Pitch to MIDI function, using your MIDI controller to edit note pitch, creating vocal harmonies and more.

Pitch correction is a vital tool in today's modern studio and Logic Pro X has you covered. Let Doug give you the skills you need to put this power packed pitch program to good use... Watch "Flex Pitch Explained" today!

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