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Flea - Adventures In Spontaneous Jamming and Techniques

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10 Videos | Length: 55min 27sec
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  • Introduction & Background 5:30

    Introduction & Background

    In this first video, we are introduced to Flea as he jams with drummer Chad Smith.

  • Influences 3:45


    Next, Flea discusses which music and musicians influenced him early on.

  • Equipment 2:48


    Equipment and Flea's bass is discussed in this video.

  • Working With What You Have 2:26

    Working With What You Have

    Here, the discussion turns to making the most out of the equipment you have.

  • Effects 3:51


    In this video, we have a look at Flea's bass pedal and discuss effects.

  • Punk & Funk 8:54

    Punk & Funk

    Next, we discuss Flea's Punk-Funk connection.

  • Warming Up 5:22

    Warming Up

    In this video, we go over the importance of warming up and the physical nature of playing.

  • Picks & Fingers 8:01

    Picks & Fingers

    The discussion turns to using picks and your fingers when playing the bass.

  • Left Hand & Expression 5:27

    Left Hand & Expression

    Here, we go over the role of the left hand when playing and expression.

  • Droning, Singing, & Flea's Final Thoughts 9:23

    Droning, Singing, & Flea's Final Thoughts

    In this last video, Flea discusses droning as well as singing while you play before signing off with his final thoughts.

Product Overview

In this vintage Hal Leonard video tutorial series, innovative funk purveyor of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea, presents an introspective and live performance improvisation with Peppers drummer Chad Smith, hosted by River Phoenix.

Flea discusses the theories, philosophies, styles, sounds and techniques he uses when performing in the style he's famous for: slapping, plucking, thumping and popping, bringing together rock, funk, punk, jazz and Latin like never before.

Saw why Bass Player magazine calls Flea “a trend setter and thrash-funk icon ... whose thumb has been infectiously influential on many young bassists.”

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