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First Song with Ableton Live

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21 Videos | Length: 1hr 52min 7sec
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  • Intro 1:18


    Timothy goes through how the course will be delivered

  • Importing Audio 3:34

    Importing Audio

    In this video you’ll see where the browser is, and how to import your own audio files and sample CDs.

  • Warping & Looping 7:04

    Warping & Looping

    Timothy explains what warping is, as well as how to use clip looping to create a four on the floor kick.

  • Simpler Intro 4:07

    Simpler Intro

    It’s easy to get a sample into Simpler, Live’s ‘basic’ sampler.

  • Drum Racks Pt. 1 7:06

    Drum Racks Pt. 1

    Timothy demonstrates the Drum Rack included in Live, as well as the insert effects that create the main Lead’s top end.

  • Drum Racks Pt. 2 9:34

    Drum Racks Pt. 2

    Drum Racks can be extremely flexible when it comes to applying FX to individual sounds and more.

  • Bass Synth 7:14

    Bass Synth

    Create a great sounding bass patch using Lives FM synth, Operator.

  • Sidechaining 3:34


    In this video, you’ll learn how to sidechain in Live.

  • Session & Arrangement 5:15

    Session & Arrangement

    Timothy clears up the often confusing relationship between Session and Arrangement views in Live.

  • Clip View Buttons 3:56

    Clip View Buttons

    In this video, Timothy demonstrates some of the cool MIDI editing features in the Clip View area.

  • Clip Recording 4:26

    Clip Recording

    Learn to record and subsequently fix up a MIDI clip.

  • Vocal Snippets 9:09

    Vocal Snippets

    Timothy goes through some vocal samples, warping and adjusting start points and effects to fit into the track.

  • Instrument Rack Pt. 1 4:16

    Instrument Rack Pt. 1

    Learn about the concept of Instrument racks as Timothy layers some synths overtop of the bass synth.

  • Instrument Rack Pt. 2 3:53

    Instrument Rack Pt. 2

    Timothy shows you how to process each instrument chain separately in your Instrument Rack.

  • Simpler Slicing 5:29

    Simpler Slicing

    Watch as Timothy uses the powerful new slicing features in Simpler to slice and dice a vocal in a matter of seconds.

  • Multi Macro Mapping 4:52

    Multi Macro Mapping

    In this video Timothy maps multiple controls to a macro knob.

  • Rough Arrange 7:52

    Rough Arrange

    There are a few ways that you can record and arrange your material in Live.

  • Arrange View Recording 3:56

    Arrange View Recording

    It’s easy record directly into Arrangement view.

  • Vocal Effects 5:28

    Vocal Effects

    Timothy spices up the stuttery vocals using some stereo tricks, a Redux, and Frequency Shifter.

  • Splitting & Joining 6:31

    Splitting & Joining

    In this video you’ll learn how to reverse audio files and how to create fills and variations with splitting and consolidating.

  • Exporting Options 3:33

    Exporting Options

    Timothy demonstrates the process of exporting your masterpiece into a format that everyone can enjoy!

Product Overview

Ableton Live includes everything you need to take your creative spark and turn it into a shareable masterpiece. In this video tutorial series, dance music hitmeister Timothy Allan takes you from start-up to wrap-up!

Timothy first hits the ground running, teaching you how to import samples and warp them into a classic “four on the floor” dance groove which leads right into tutorials on how to get the most out of the Ableton Live Drum Rack.

Now that the beat is under your belt, Timothy shows you how to create a killer bass patch using Operator, and how to get Sidechaining setup and going in Live. Then it’s time to learn the difference between Session View and Arrangement View, and all about Clips, including how to use the Clip buttons, and how to record and edit Clips.

With your song well underway, it’s now time to start adding flourishes. Timothy shows you how to use MIDI Effects, how to Warp, Slice, Dice, and Effect Vocal Snippets, and how to use Instrument Racks.

The finish line is in sight… Timothy shows you how to use Multi-Macro Mapping to map multiple controls to a single knob, allowing you to add cool, realtime multi-function moves to your tracks.

Timothy now finishes up the arrangement, spices up the vocals, and reverses some audio files to add the final “wow” factor to the tracks. Last but not least, Timothy shows you how to export the final mix to a format you can share with the world!

If you’re new to Ableton Live, and maybe even to digital music in general, “First Song with Ableton Live” will get you started and on the path of complete song creation. Check it out today!

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