Guitar Tutorial

Figuring Out the Fingerboard

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8 Videos | Length: 1hr 30min 8sec
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  • Chapter 1 6:51

    Chapter 1

    Steve opens up this series by previewing the upcoming videos, tunes up his guitar, and then spends a little time talking about styles and melodies.

  • Chapter 2 17:14

    Chapter 2

    In this video, Steve shows a couple fiddle tunes and takes some time to show you what to do and what not to do when playing these for your self!

  • Chapter 3 15:15

    Chapter 3

    Steve explains "Chord Centers" and gives some good examples to help you understand.

  • Chapter 4 16:22

    Chapter 4

    This video focuses on playing in alternate keys (at the nut). Steve gives some great advice on understanding and playing with open strings.

  • Chapter 5 11:16

    Chapter 5

    Steve talks about the "CAGED" method and how to use it on your own.

  • Chapter 6 11:41

    Chapter 6

    Steve does a breif overview on the "CAGED" system and also talks about scales and techniques to help you remember where to go on your Fingerboard.

  • Chapter 7 5:58

    Chapter 7

    Steve demonstrates another example "Old Joe Clark" and walks you through each part.

  • Chapter 8 5:31

    Chapter 8

    In this video, Steve gives some advice on the road to playing the guitar along with a few final tips.

Product Overview

If you've ever wondered how the hot flatpickers improvise solos using the entire length of the guitar fingerboard, and wished you could take your own distinctive breaks in jam sessions or performances, then these Homespun guitar video tutorials are for you!

Steve Kaufman has developed an amazing system that clears up the mystery and teaches you the notes, scales and chord shapes you'll need to play fluidly and confidently anywhere on the neck.

Anyone can learn Steve's system. Starting by picking out well-known fiddle tunes in their simplest form, Steve shows you how to find the notes and develop a melodic sense.

He then teaches you how to find movable chord forms in different positions on the fingerboard. Finally, you'll learn the famous "CAGED" system, enabling you to understand and play scales and melodies in all positions up the neck.

Throughout this easy-to-use course, Steve imparts a wealth of practical wisdom, advice and encouragement. He provides you with all the tools you'll need to develop a depth of knowledge and understanding of your guitar that will show itself in sparkling and creative solos.

The tunes that Steve uses to teach soloing around the fingerboard include Soldier's Joy, June Apple, Cluck Old Hen, Arkansas Traveler, Cripple Creek and Old Joe Clark. Check it out today!

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