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FastTrack Drums 1

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    Tutorial 1



    Kevin starts us off with a performance and a few words about this video.

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    Tutorial 2

    A Good Place to Start


    Kevin goes over the basics, showing us the different parts of the drum set. We also go over Stick Position, Setting up the drumset and our Throne.

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    Tutorial 3

    Music Notation Basics


    We go over some basic Music Notation, like Quarter and Half Notes and more.

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    Tutorial 4

    The Ride Cymbal


    Kevin shows us some beats with the Ride Cymbal, we learn how approach the Cymbal with control and confidence.

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    Tutorial 5

    The Snare


    Kevin shows us one of the central components of the Drum Set, the Snare Drum. We learn how to hit the Snare with our Stick and work it into some beats.

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    Tutorial 6

    The Bass Drum


    Kevin adds in the Bass Drum. We learn how to read the Bass Drum on the Staff and learn to work our Foot Pedal.

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    Tutorial 7

    The Fun Starts: Putting It Together


    We learn some fun and effect grooves that are played by many drummers.

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    Tutorial 8

    The Hi-Hat


    Kevin brings in his favorite part of the Drum Set, We learn about the Hi-hat and the Hi-hat Pedal in this video.

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    Tutorial 9

    Eighth-Note Grooves


    We learn some Eighth-Note Patterns that will take us to the next level.

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    Tutorial 10

    A Crash Course in Cymbals


    We learn how to play and Smack our Cymbals in this video. We work the cymbals into our Groove and play along.

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    Tutorial 11

    Connect the Dots


    Kevin shows us what Dotted Eighth Notes are, and we practice some other Dotted Notes.

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    Tutorial 12

    Fill It Up


    Kevin brings the Tom-Toms into the mix. He shows us some fills to practice and start moving all around the Drum Set.

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    Tutorial 13

    You Got Style


    Kevin starts adding some style to our routines with some quick tricks that will sound great.

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    Tutorial 14

    Take It Away - Drum Solo Time


    We learn how to communicate with the band, and take on Solos if one is needed.

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    Tutorial 15

    Song Structures


    Kevin breaks down the song and explains different Structures.

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    Tutorial 16

    Play-Along Jam Songs


    We learn some songs to play-along to and take our jamming and reading to the next level.

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    Tutorial 17

    Outro & Credits


    Kevin ends with a few worlds and plays us out.

The Hal Leonard FastTrack Drums 1 series is an exciting, new way to quickly learn how to play those Drums you just bought, or have had for a while. It’s a fun, easy-to-follow approach, and best of all, it gets you playing Drums fast!

Skeptical of typical method books and videos? We think they’re kind of boring too. That’s why FastTrack is different than the rest. Before the end of this video series, you’ll be familiar with Rock Beats, Funk Grooves, Fill Patterns, Solo Ideas, and much more.

Each FastTrack video series is filmed in high-definition and features on-screen music with tons of full-band examples. It’s like having a private lesson that you can pause, fast-forward, and rewind any time you want.

What’s better, the last section of all the FastTrack series (Bass, Keyboard, Drums) features the same three full-length songs, so you and your friends can form a band and jam together.

So sign up for the All-Access Web Pass or get the download, setup your gear, and let’s get you playing Drums… Watch “FastTrack Drums 1” today!


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    tutorial video

    FastTrack Drums 1

    The Hal Leonard FastTrack® Drums 1 series is an exciting, new way to quickly learn how to play those Drums you just bought, or have had for a while. It’s a fun, easy-to-follow approach, and best of all, it gets you playing Drums fast!

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