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FabFilter Volcano 3 Explained®

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17 Videos | Length: 2hr 19min 49sec
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  • Interface & Presets 6:47

    Interface & Presets

    In this video, Larry introduces the plugin and familiarizes you with the interface and presets.

  • Filter Display 6:10

    Filter Display

    Next up, discover how to create and select filters in the filter display. Larry also demonstrates how to create a stereo differential between filter positions.

  • Filter Controls 14:38

    Filter Controls

    This video focuses on the filter controls including Frequency, Peak, Drive, and Slope. You'll also explore the filter characters both with and without resonance.

  • Filter Routing 12:31

    Filter Routing

    The routing possibilities are covered in detail here, with multiple examples provided for different creative possibilities.

  • Delay & Output/Pan Controls 9:46

    Delay & Output/Pan Controls

    Learn to create modulated filter effects using Delay and the Mix control next. These are then modulated for extra movement using an LFO. Larry also demonstrates using the level control to mix between different filter types in parallel.

  • Filter Types 3:54

    Filter Types

    Explore the various filter types we have available within Volcano 3.

  • Introduction to Modulation 9:47

    Introduction to Modulation

    Discover the way modulation is implemented, including adding, removing, and editing modulators, and also see the ways in which modulation is visualized.

  • XLFO 9:11


    Next up, Larry covers the XLFO, looking at frequency and rate offsets for dotted and triplet values and also changing the XLFO's phase position. Learn also how to sync the XLFO to the project tempo.

  • Step Sequencer 10:17

    Step Sequencer

    We move on to the Step Sequencer next, allowing us to create rhythmically interesting stepped filter effects that can be locked to a two-octave keyboard for pitched musical filtering.

  • XY Controller & Slider 7:41

    XY Controller & Slider

    This video concentrates on the XY controller and slider, both of which act like macro controls with double and single outputs, respectively.

  • Envelope Generator 7:38

    Envelope Generator

    Next up, explore the envelope generator, which allows us to generate a modulation envelope based on the incoming audio and side chain input.

  • Envelope Follower 8:30

    Envelope Follower

    Learn to create a modulation signal from an envelope by analyzing both incoming audio and the side chain input, the result of which is an interesting rhythmic filter effect.

  • MIDI with Volcano 3 Pt. 1 11:31

    MIDI with Volcano 3 Pt. 1

    In this video, discover how to set up Volcano 3 to work with MIDI within Logic. This is done using a MIDI source, allowing us to change parameters via MIDI controllers like the pitch bend and mod wheel. We then use MIDI re-trigger to tie the LFO to MIDi note-on messages.

  • MIDI with Volcano 3 Pt. 2 4:27

    MIDI with Volcano 3 Pt. 2

    Explore how you can use MIDI to trigger the envelope generator and also map parameters for hands-on control.

  • A/B Comparison & Input/Output Options 2:32

    A/B Comparison & Input/Output Options

    Larry covers the Undo/Redo, A/B Comparison, and Input/Output options next.

  • Modulated Band Pass Filters 8:30

    Modulated Band Pass Filters

    Learn to generate a modulated multiband-pass filter effect for a phaser-style effect.

  • Phaser Filter 5:59

    Phaser Filter

    See how to create an all-pass-based dual filter that's modulated for some juicy movement.

Product Overview

Studio pro Larry Holcombe presents in-depth FabFilter Volcano 3 video tutorials! If you're looking to tap into the awesome creative potential of Volcano 3's vintage sounding filters, this is the course for you. Larry takes you through all the basic controls and features of the plugin, so you'll be confidently knob-twisting in no time. Then he delves into several more advanced applications to showcase some of the amazing things this plugin can do. These videos are for new Volcano 3 users.

Larry welcomes you by discussing the plugin's interface and demonstrates how to access and audition the presets so you can quickly discover some of the possibilities that lie within. Then, explore some of the various filter functions, routing possibilities, and controls that all play a huge role in shaping the sound.

Next, discover how to create dynamic modulation effects for panning, volume, tone, and more by way of the Delay and Mix controls, as well as adding or editing modulators. The XLFO is covered next, which provides even more sound-sculpting possibilities.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn about the remaining features, including the Step Sequencer, XY Controller and Slider, envelope generator/follower, using MIDI with Volcano 3, the A/B Comparison, and more. Finish up with a few specific examples including a phaser-type effect, a modulated multi-band-pass filter, and more!

To see exactly what's contained is these in-depth Volcano 3 tutorials, and how they'll help you quickly take advantage of the near-limitless sonic-shaping capabilities of the plugin, check out the individual Volcano 3 video tutorial descriptions below. A world of tonal exploration awaits ... watch “FabFilter Volcano 3 Explained®” now!

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