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FabFilter Timeless 3 Explained®

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  • Introduction & User Interface 6:18

    Introduction & User Interface

    In this first video, Larry introduces the series and also explains the Timeless 3 interface so you know what everything is called and where it is located.

  • Knobs & Delay Controls 11:36

    Knobs & Delay Controls

    Next up, see how to utilize the knobs on Timeless 3 as well as how to set delay times using the delay controls.

  • Feedback & Delay Output Controls 9:36

    Feedback & Delay Output Controls

    Larry shows you how to set the number of repeats and their stereo image, alongside other feedback options.

  • The Delay Display 6:27

    The Delay Display

    Have a look at the delay display which allows you to create custom delay patterns by making your own delay taps and then altering their delay time, panning and volume.

  • The Effects 8:22

    The Effects

    In this video, learn about the 5 high quality effects that are included with Timeless 3 which allow you to push delay effects into interesting new places.

  • The Filters 11:04

    The Filters

    Next up see how to interact with the filters and also create interesting stereo filter effects by changing filter routing. You'll also see how to audition the juicy analogue style fitters vs clean EQ style types.

  • Modulation 10:18


    Larry now introduces you to Timeless' powerful modulation features including a demonstration of the drag and drop approach, sources and targets, and modulation slots.

  • XLFO 15:16


    Discover how to utilize the XFLO to create movement in a string sound in various ways. Larry starts by using it in a traditional way and then as a step sequencer, pitch modulating a drum part for wild effects.

  • Envelope Follower 11:17

    Envelope Follower

    In this video, Larry covers the parameters of the envelope follower which allows you to add huge rhythmic interest to a drum bus using the input to the plug-in. Larry also takes the drums and uses them to sidechain modulation on a string part for a truly unique sound.

  • Envelope Generator 15:20

    Envelope Generator

    Discover how the parameters of the envelope generator allow you to add deep rhythmic variety to a drum bus as well as using sidechaining again to this time affect a pad sound using the envelope follower.

  • XY Controller & Slider 6:26

    XY Controller & Slider

    Now check out the XY controller and slider and how it can manipulate presets. Larry then shows you how to route them within your own patches to change up parameters creatively.

  • Input/Output Options 8:45

    Input/Output Options

    See the different ways in which you can use left/right and then the mid/side input and output pan to create interesting stereo imaging using Timeless 3. Larry also covers Auto-Mute, Self Osc, and the Level Controls in detail.

  • MIDI in Timeless 3 6:41

    MIDI in Timeless 3

    For this video Larry demonstrates the different ways in which you can use MIDI within Timeless 3 and get more hands-on control over your sounds. Larry shows you how to map MIDI controllers, utilize MIDI sources, and also integrate MIDI with the envelope generator.

  • Undo/Redo & A/B Switch 0:59

    Undo/Redo & A/B Switch

    See how to undo/redo and compare presets using the A/B switch in found in Timeless 3.

  • Sound Design with Timeless 3 9:58

    Sound Design with Timeless 3

    In this video, Larry demonstrates more creative uses of Timeless 3 starting off by modulating the freeze parameter leading to glitch like FX, and then continues on to create cool custom modulating delay taps.

Product Overview

Studio pro Larry Holcombe delivers in-depth FabFiler Timeless 3 video tutorials! If you want to learn this powerful delay plug-in fully and get the most out of it, this video series is for you. Discover how to take advantage of all the features and functions available in Timeless 3 and use them to create awesome effects ranging from the small and colorful, to the vast and never-ending. These videos are for new FabFilter Timeless 3 users.

Larry greets you and begins with a detailed overview of the plug-in and its user interface, followed by a tutorial teaching you what all the different knobs and controls are and what they do to your sound. Larry then shows you how to set the number of repeats as well as tweak their stereo image for cool psychoacoustic effects, and then reveals how to create custom delay patterns by making your own delay taps and altering their delay time, panning and volume.

As you progress through the video course you'll get familiar with Timeless 3's powerful filters, modulation options, XFLO for hyper-movement of your sound, the Envelope Follower and generator, using the XY Controller creatively, the different available input and output options including mid/side, using MIDI to control Timeless 3 and more. Wrapping it up, Larry gives you a full video dedicated to sound design with Timeless 3, so you can see everything you learned put to use.

To read what these detailed FabFilter Timeless 3 tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up and running fast making new sounds for your tracks and productions, check out the individual FabFilter Timeless 3 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Start repeating yourself with killer delay tones today... Watch “FabFilter Timeless 3 Explained®” now.

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