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FabFilter Pro-Q Explained®

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Chapter 1 : FabFilter Pro-Q 2

  • Welcome to the Neighborhood 4:28

    Welcome to the Neighborhood

    Jump right in, take a look around, and see where the main functions are.

  • Workflow Functions You Need to Know 6:55

    Workflow Functions You Need to Know

    Become a power user with these band creation, selection, editing, soloing, and display shortcuts.

  • Spectrum Analyzer, Keyboard, & EQ Match 7:49

    Spectrum Analyzer, Keyboard, & EQ Match

    See the new keyboard quantize, spectrum analyzer & grab, and EQ Match functions in action.

  • New EQ Shapes 6:30

    New EQ Shapes

    Explore the new Tilt and Band Pass shapes, variable slope functions, Mid/Side processing, Auto Gain function, and the Natural Phase processing mode.

  • Presets & Options 3:18

    Presets & Options

    See how to manage presets and set a couple of final interface display options.

Chapter 2 : FabFilter Pro-Q 3

  • Dynamic EQ 7:29

    Dynamic EQ

    See how the ability to change the gain of an EQ band dynamically, depending on the level of the input signal, works in the new Pro Q-3 update.

  • New Filter Features 2:44

    New Filter Features

    Learn about the new brickwall slope available for high pass and low pass filters, the new flat tilt filter shape, and the ability to split individual bands into mid and side signals.

  • New Spectrum Features 4:44

    New Spectrum Features

    See how the most important peaks now show a label displaying either their frequency or note value in the spectrum display, how to visualize an external spectrum in the main EQ track, including possible areas of collision; and how to adjust the response of the spectrum display.

  • Miscellaneous Improvements 3:21

    Miscellaneous Improvements

    Discover the improved Match EQ ability to use an external instance of Pro Q-3 as a reference, the new invert gain option in the EQ band menu, and the new ability to monitor the mid/side signals from the Output Options panel.

Product Overview

Join studio master Eli Krantzberg as he takes you through FabFilter Pro-Q 2 & 3, some of the most highly regarded equalizer plug-ins available. In this in-depth video tutorial series, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to navigate and utilize this creative EQ in sound design, mixing, and even mastering.

Eli begins with a walk through of the entire interface, showing you where all the main functions can be accessed. From there, he dives right into creative workflow tips, covering creation, selection editing, and soloing.

More advanced functions are then explored, such as the new Keyboard Quantize feature, Spectrum Analyzer and Grab, and the EQ Match function. That leads into the new Tilt and Band Pass shapes, variable EQ functions, Mid/Side Processing options, Auto Gain, and the Natural Phase Processing Mode which matches the analog phase response of the source material.

Next, Eli covers all the preset and display options in detail, and then wraps it all up with videos on the new Q 3 version and all of its new features and Functions.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. Whether you’re new to the FabFilter Pro-Q or an experienced user looking for some new ways to use it, watch “FabFilter Pro-Q Explained” today!

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