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FabFilter Mixing & Mastering Plug-Ins Explained®

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  • Introduction 3:30


    We start with an introduction to FabFilter plug-ins and provide an overview of of all the fabFilter plug-ins.

  • Pro-DS Overview 10:47

    Pro-DS Overview

    Here, you'll gain information about Pro-DS such as how oversampling helps improve the sonic quality of plug-ins. Additionally, we look at the UI and where things are and how the various parameters work to reduce sibilance; in particular how to focus in on problematic areas.

  • Pro-DS with Vocal Track 9:34

    Pro-DS with Vocal Track

    We continue by looking at Pro-DS on a vocal track. We look at the 'audition' and 'monitor' buttons to help isolate sibilance. By using the Hi-Pass and Low-Pass filters, sibilance can be isolated more easily.

  • Pro-DS with Backing Vocals 10:20

    Pro-DS with Backing Vocals

    Using Pro-DS on the master output, we look at de-essing sibilance using the stereo link dial to attenuate either the main stereo image or, alternatively, the MID/SIDE areas. Also, we look at the mode options.

  • Pro-DS External Sidechaining 6:47

    Pro-DS External Sidechaining

    We now look at using external sidechaining to trigger Pro-DS to get an external audio source to trigger the de-essing process. We also consider using the 'Lookahead' option.

  • Pro-C User Interface 7:55

    Pro-C User Interface

    To get familiar with Pro-C, here, we will take a tour of the UI. We also discuss compression rules and how the plug-in provides all the tools required to compress in different ways.

  • Pro-C in Action 6:31

    Pro-C in Action

    We put Pro-C into action inserted on a snare track so that we can see how the metering and animated visual display provide essential information to help determine how much compression occurs. We try out different parameter settings too to audition different compression types on the audio.

  • Pro-C Parallel Compression 4:35

    Pro-C Parallel Compression

    We now blend the original signal with the compressed version to create parallel compression to achieve a more dynamic and energetic compression.

  • Pro-C Expert Mode 8:22

    Pro-C Expert Mode

    By revealing the 'Expert Mode' panel, we now focus in on specific frequency ranges and the various dial parameters available. We also look at processing one side more than the other of a stereo image.

  • Pro-C Mid/Side Introduction 3:03

    Pro-C Mid/Side Introduction

    We conclude by looking at mid/side processing as a drum group channel is sent to the main output buss.

  • Pro-G Gating Overview 9:45

    Pro-G Gating Overview

    We look at the Pro-G UI to determine where the many parameters are and how they work to gate audio.

  • Pro-G In Action 3:46

    Pro-G In Action

    We start by gating as much of the mic spill from a snare track as possible whilst still retaining 'life'.

  • Pro-G Vocal Gating 3:40

    Pro-G Vocal Gating

    We take Pro-G to a more extreme setting now to gate unnecessary sound from a vocal track. We won't remove all the 'dead air’; instead we reduce it so it still sounds natural.

  • Pro-L Limiting Introduction 4:50

    Pro-L Limiting Introduction

    Pro-L is introduced here as we tour the UI to establish where things are and how the parameters operate in conjunction to 'limit' the audio sent through it.

  • Pro-L on SubMix 4:12

    Pro-L on SubMix

    By running a sub-mix through Pro-L, we can understand better how the animated visual display provides clear information about what the processing is doing to the output sound. We also look at choosing different styles to maximize the audio.

  • More Pro-L Details 8:23

    More Pro-L Details

    We conclude by looking at further parameter functions such as Channel Linking, ISP, Lookahead, Oversampling, Meter Options and Dither.

  • Pro-Q First Look 6:23

    Pro-Q First Look

    A tour of the UI is taken here to introduce Pro-Q and where things are. We look at adding multiple frequency points and ranges to adapt an audio file.

  • Pro-Q -  Finding Sweet Spots 8:02

    Pro-Q - Finding Sweet Spots

    We look at using multiple instances of Pro-Q to ascertain where overlapping frequency ranges occur on different audio tracks. From this point, we then cut or boost to help the individual tracks sit in a mix better.

  • Pro-Q Mid Side 6:06

    Pro-Q Mid Side

    By looking at the mid/side options, we process audio here to sculpt the sonics so that frequency areas are tightened up. We look at using different slope settings with various EQ cut settings.

  • Pro-MB User Interface 8:07

    Pro-MB User Interface

    Pro-MB is introduced here as we look around the UI to establish where things are and how the parameters are used to compress multiple bands of audio.

  • Pro-MB In Action 7:44

    Pro-MB In Action

    Audio is run through Pro-MB to see how further sculpt the sonic qualities of the track. The different ways in which the distinct bands are processed are examined. We also discuss the Compress and Expand options too to achieve different results from the same audio.

  • Pro-MB - More Functions 3:45

    Pro-MB - More Functions

    To conclude our look at Pro-MB, we look here at various shortcuts and parameter settings not seen so far.

Product Overview

FabFilter makes the best possible tools for music production and audio processing, and Groove3 makes the best videos for FabFilter plug-ins! Follow along as studio guru Mark Struthers takes you through the FabFilter Mixing and Mastering plug-in suite, step by step, with excellent audio examples so you hear what they all can do.

Mark begins with an introduction covering what you'll learn in the series and more. Next, Mark jumps right in, dissecting the amazing Pro-DS De-Esser plug-in, followed by the powerful Pro-C Compressor plug-in. You'll learn what all the features and functions do, as well as hear them in-action on Vocals, Snare Drum, Master Bus and more. Expert Mode is also shown, and Mark demonstrates how to do Parallel Compression and Mid-Side Processing to give you complete coverage of this powerful plug-in.

Continuing on, Mark serves up the Pro-G Gate / Expander plug-in, explaining all of its knobs and buttons, and gives examples on removing 'dead air' from your tracks, mic spill on a snare drum track and more. Pro-L is up next, and Mark demystifies this powerhouse Limiting plug-in, enlightening you as he goes. Learn all of its parameters, modes and metering options, and hear it do its thing on a Submix, creating a huge sound with plenty of punch.

Mark saves the best for last, showing you the incredible Pro-Q Equalizer and Pro-MB Multiband / Expander plug-ins inside and out. See and hear them work on audio while Mark explains all of their controls in detail, as well as how to use them to sculpt your sound both surgically and or with broad strokes. You'll even get useful shortcuts for working with these plug-ins that will save you time and boost creativeness.

If you mix or master music, why not sound fabulous? Learn how to get the most from these truly amazing sounding plug-ins, watch "FabFilter Mixing & Mastering Plug-Ins Explained" today...

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