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FabFilter Effects & Synths Explained®

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16 Videos | Length: 1hr 41min 33sec
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  • Saturn - User Interface 8:08

    Saturn - User Interface

    Mark introduces how this saturation and distortion plug-in works as well as the various parameters.

  • Saturn Modulation 3:17

    Saturn Modulation

    Mark explores the modulation section and creates further interesting effects to a bass guitar.

  • Volcano 2 - Parameters 7:22

    Volcano 2 - Parameters

    Here, we tour the User interface to establish where things are and what the various parameters do. Mark also discusses the method of routing the original signal into ‘Volcano 2’ and the direction through the filters and modulation areas.

  • Volcano 2 - Modulation Introduction 6:57

    Volcano 2 - Modulation Introduction

    Mark continues by looking at modulation and various routing configurations before showing modulation targets and sources.

  • Volcano 2 Modulation in Action 7:47

    Volcano 2 Modulation in Action

    Mark now auditions Volcano 2 after adding modulation sources.

  • Volcano 2 - Preset Study 7:32

    Volcano 2 - Preset Study

    For the final look at Volcano 2, we’ll audition various presets. Along the way, we’ll look at further modulation functions not seen so far.

  • One - Overview 7:09

    One - Overview

    FabFilter’s One is the cut down synth precursor to Twin 2. Here, we’ll look through the various parameters and how they lock together to generate the sound.

  • Micro - Overview 3:26

    Micro - Overview

    Micro is a simple one filter effect. Here, we’ll look at its UI and how the various parameters are positioned to make the filtering of signal streamlined.

  • Micro in Action 3:00

    Micro in Action

    We now audition Micro as it filters and modulates a guitar track.

  • Simplon - Overview 3:30

    Simplon - Overview

    A more streamlined, earlier version of FabFilter’s Volcano 2 is Simplon. Here, we look at its UI and take a tour of where the various parameters are positioned.

  • Simplon in Action 5:34

    Simplon in Action

    We’ll now listen to Simplon as we adjust its various parameters as it processes a stereo guitar track.

  • Timeless 2 - First Look 6:44

    Timeless 2 - First Look

    Here, we are introduced to the Timeless 2 UI to understand how it works and operates.

  • Timeless 2 - Delaying Vocals 9:10

    Timeless 2 - Delaying Vocals

    Timeless 2 is used to add some echo to a vocal line. Once enhanced this way, we move on to ducking the delay so that it very subtly appears during 'silent' parts of the performance.

  • Twin 2 - User Interface 7:49

    Twin 2 - User Interface

    Here, Mark sets up Twin 2 with a DAW before taking a tour of the Twin 2 UI and references where its various filters and modulation parameters are situated.

  • Twin 2 in Action Pt. 1 9:26

    Twin 2 in Action Pt. 1

    In this video Mark sets up a ‘patch from scratch’ from a simple sawtooth waveform initially while using the various filters, oscillators and delay effects available.

  • Twin 2 in Action Pt. 2 4:42

    Twin 2 in Action Pt. 2

    We finish our look at Twin 2 by building on the patch set up previously by adding in modulation.

Product Overview

FabFilter's effect and synth plug-ins are some of the best in the biz, and Mark Struthers created this series focusing on their amazing suite of filter, distortion, delay and synth plug-ins and instruments. Learn these powerful audio tools front to back and see what they can do for your tracks and productions!

Mark dives right in and introduces you to the incredible Saturn distortion and saturation plug-in. You'll learn all the controls and see some cool ways to cook up your sounds, adding warmth and character. Next, Mark jumps in the Volcano 2 filtering and modulation plug-in, giving you the full tour as well as applying it to different sources, incorporating all of its features, including advanced modulation.

Moving on, Mark deals out a detailed look at the basic but huge sounding One virtual synth. Micro is up next and Mark breaks it down thoroughly and then shows you it in action. The simple but powerful Simplon filtering plug-in is next on Mark's list, and you'll learn it up and down as well as hear it in action on a stereo guitar track. Timeless 2 is now revealed and Mark breaks down the user interface step by step, and then shows you its real power on vocals, creating way cool delay lines with ducking and more.

Mark wraps up the series with 3 videos on the incredible sounding and ultra-flexible Twin 2 virtual synth. You'll learn its interface, controls and functions inside and out, as well as how to create a 'patch from scratch' and more. If you use any of these amazing plug-ins from FabFilter, you owe it to yourself to squeeze every drop of power and creativeness from them, and Mark shows you how... Watch "FabFilter Effects & Synths Explained" today.

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