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FL Studio 20: Beginner's Guide

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  • Introduction & Overview 4:44

    Introduction & Overview

    We begin your look at Image Line's FL Studio 20 by getting an overview of this digital audio workstation, its strengths, its design goals, and how all of these things together make a highly effective and streamlined workflow for music production.

  • Start Up & Configuration 5:00

    Start Up & Configuration

    See how to get FL Studio up and running from a fresh installation, and then make all the basic settings for your system and hardware.

  • User Interface & Workspace 11:35

    User Interface & Workspace

    Learn different ways to best interact with FL Studio, be it traditional mouse and keyboard, hardware controllers, or touch control.

  • The Channel Rack & Step Sequencer 10:11

    The Channel Rack & Step Sequencer

    FL Studio's Channel Rack is a defining feature of the DAW, and it is largely where you handle your instruments, samples, and any other channels. With it and its Step Sequencer, see how to manage, add, and trigger these channels with a few different techniques of inputting notes and rhythms.

  • The Browser, & Plug-In Picker 6:53

    The Browser, & Plug-In Picker

    In FL Studio's Channel Rack, take a look at how you can add and manage different types of channels for instruments and samples using the organization of the Browser and Plugin Picker.

  • The Piano Roll Pt. 1 10:33

    The Piano Roll Pt. 1

    The FL Studio Piano Roll is a powerful tool for adding and editing notes and rhythms for channels. Start a tour of it here!

  • The Piano Roll Pt. 2 7:11

    The Piano Roll Pt. 2

    Continue through the FL Studio Piano Roll and learn about its options like slide and portamento note properties, among other things.

  • Creating Patterns 10:10

    Creating Patterns

    Like many applications, a large part of FL Studio's workflow starts with creating patterns of looping rhythms and notes, and even automation of events. Here, you'll explore creating and editing these building blocks.

  • The Mixer Pt. 1 7:12

    The Mixer Pt. 1

    In this video, get acquainted with the FL Studio Mixer, which is where you deal with channel and audio routing through different tracks.

  • The Mixer Pt. 2 9:45

    The Mixer Pt. 2

    Continue looking through the FL Studio Mixer, see more on handling the routing of tracks and inserts to mix busses, sends, and more.

  • The Playlist 11:14

    The Playlist

    Discover the Playlist and how to select and use your patterns and clips to build structures of songs and music. The FL Studio Playlist is a much more flexible layout for tracks than users of other DAWs may be used to, but this can be a huge benefit when the many advantages are understood and implemented.

  • Recording Notes & Controls 12:06

    Recording Notes & Controls

    Beyond simply drawing in notes, see how to directly record the MIDI data sent to different channels. This allows for an actual human recording with the added flexibility of editing and perfecting a performance as it is sent to an instrument channel.

  • Recording & Editing Audio 12:57

    Recording & Editing Audio

    No DAW would be complete without the ability to record actual audio played through actual instruments into actual microphones. FL Studio is fully capable of doing so at the exact quality of any other DAW. As with many other features, the approach is somewhat different than a traditional studio setup, but this video will clear up any mysticism associated with FL Studio as a traditional multitrack recording software.

  • Creating Automation 8:20

    Creating Automation

    Working with synthesizers and effects, automation of parameters becomes almost a necessity in many applications. FL Studio has several solutions which you will learn all about here.

  • Customizing the Workspace 12:20

    Customizing the Workspace

    FL Studio works in a very modular manner, in that most things are movable and customizable in some way. Here, discover the ways you can adjust the different controls and interfaces to best suit your personal preferences.

  • A Brief Look at Generators 9:53

    A Brief Look at Generators

    To fully understand and utilize FL Studio, a general understanding of some basic plug-ins is a must. In this video, learn the basics of some of the generator plug-ins that create sound, like synthesizers or samplers, as well as the plug-in database where they are organized.

  • A Brief Look at Effects 5:32

    A Brief Look at Effects

    Continuing your look at some of the stock FL plug-ins, now focus on the mixer, where effect plug-ins can be used. These work in a similar manner to the generators and are housed in the plug-in database, but knowing how to deal with a few examples and how to add 3rd party plug-ins will be useful bits of knowledge to have.

  • Additional Tools & Helpers 10:17

    Additional Tools & Helpers

    On top of all that you've learned at this point, there are many additional tools to be utilized in FL Studio, which are some of the most useful ones to get you up and running as best as possible.

  • Saving & Exporting 4:46

    Saving & Exporting

    After all work is done on a project, the last thing to do is to export your file to an output format. In addition, this can be just the next step in a mixing or mastering situation. Get a look at FL Studio's export settings and how to use them!

  • Conclusion & Review 2:53

    Conclusion & Review

    Last but not least, watch a quick review and summary of all of the concepts and main aspects of this great digital audio workstation, and get ready to start using FL Studio to make your first song.

Product Overview

Tyler Coffin presents in-depth FL Studio video tutorials! If you're a new FL Studio user, these videos are just what you need. Learn the important basics so you can make your first beat with FL Studio, the most used features and functions, all the way to exporting your new song and much more.

Tyler welcomes you and goes over what the course will cover and what you'll learn throughout the videos. He then starts with the important basics like how to get up and running and set and configure your system and hardware, as well the user interface and how to control it with a typical mouse and keyboard, or more advanced hardware controllers and touch controls.

Next, learn all about the main sections of FL Studio like the Channel Rack, Step Sequencer, Browser, and the Plug-In Picker. Then it's on to the Piano Roll editor, how to create your own patterns, use the powerful mixer, and how to utilize the Playlist function to build structures of songs and music.

Tyler also explains and explores how to record and edit both MIDI and Audio, create and use automation for complete control over your sound, customize your workspace to better fit your production style, breakdowns of various plug-ins and effects, as well as a tour of additional tools and helpers that are crucial to using FL Studio.

To see what these comprehensive FL Studio videos show you, and how they'll get you up and running fast with FL Studio and start producing your tracks and beats, see the individual FL Studio tutorial descriptions on this page. Get going with FL Studio now and see why so many call it the best DAW ever... Watch "FL Studio: Beginner's Guide" today.

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