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Extended FX Chains in Studio One 3

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8 Videos | Length: 1hr 4min 3sec
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  • Overview 4:16


    Bill talks about what Extended FX Chains are all about.

  • UI Walkthrough 5:27

    UI Walkthrough

    Learn how to open the channel editor and identify the Macro Controls tab, Controls Mapping page, the Routing tab, and FX tabs.

  • The Splitter 12:39

    The Splitter

    Bill demonstrates the splitter module in Routing tab of the Channel editor.

  • NYC Compression Example 6:34

    NYC Compression Example

    Use what we have covered so far to configure the classic New York City parallel compression technique.

  • Macro Controls 6:55

    Macro Controls

    We map parameters from an FX Chain to any of the eight knobs and buttons on the Macro Controls tab of the Channel Editor.

  • Scaling with Transitions 7:59

    Scaling with Transitions

    Explore setting the high and low values for Macro Control knobs, adjust the curve of the knob, invert the operation of knob, and copy transitions from one parameter to another.

  • X-Y Pad Control 6:30

    X-Y Pad Control

    Learn how to access the two X-Y Pads on the Macro Controls tab and how to assign parameters from your FX Chain to them.

  • Examples 13:43


    A few examples to wrap up the series.

Product Overview

PreSonus gives you massive flexibility when creating effect chains using Extended FX Racks in Studio One 3. In this 8-video tutorial series, Studio One expert Bill Edstrom demonstrates how to create and use this innovative and powerful Studio One 3 feature.

Bill starts with an explanation of what Extended FX Chains are all about, followed by a complete UI walkthrough. Next, he demonstrates how to use the Splitter Module to create more advanced effects chains and how to set up a “New York Style” parallel compression Extended FX Chain.

From there, Bill explores how to map parameters from an Extended FX Chain to the Macro Controls, and how to Scale using Transitions with Extended FX Chains. After that, Bill demonstrates using the X-Y Pad Control with Extended FX Chains. Wrapping it up, Bill ends the series with eight examples of creative uses for Extended FX Chains.

Whether you’re new to Extended FX Chains yet, or you’re an experienced user looking for a deeper understanding of them, watch “Extended FX Chains in Studio One 3” today!

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