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Exponential Audio Symphony Explained®

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  • Symphony Overview 3:44

    Symphony Overview

    Get the big picture of how this plug-in is laid out and where to access all the relevant controls.

  • Working with Presets 8:34

    Working with Presets

    Learn how to search the presets using boolean operators, store your own variations, add custom keywords, import, export, and more.

  • Meters, Tempo, & Freeze 4:27

    Meters, Tempo, & Freeze

    Explore how the metering and tempo sync options work, learn about the processing threshold control, and hear how the Freeze function is used to create interesting sustained tail effects.

  • Input, Early Reflections, & Tail Master Controls 7:19

    Input, Early Reflections, & Tail Master Controls

    Discover how the input, early reflections, and tail components of the signal are balanced, filtered, and modulated.

  • Basic Controls 2:51

    Basic Controls

    These controls are front and center and always visible, for easy access to basic macro type controls to shape the overall sound of the plug-in.

  • Early Reflections 5:59

    Early Reflections

    Early reflections refers to the portion of the reverb that is reflected off the surfaces in the listening space once or twice immediately after the direct sound, before they blur into the longer reverb tail. See how we control the dispersion, attack, filtering, density, and other early reflection properties in Symphony.

  • Reverb Tail 7:07

    Reverb Tail

    Explore how the various parameters on the Reverb Tail page are used to shape both the frequency response, and the contour of the tail component of the reverb signal.

  • Reverb Attack 6:02

    Reverb Attack

    Hear how the parameters on this page influence the onset of the reverb tail.

  • Gate Parameters 4:13

    Gate Parameters

    Explore how these controls are used to control the reverb levels by the characteristics of the input signal.

  • Chorus 6:29


    Discover how the tail is modulated with either a pitch based chorus or a thickening effect; and how the density and EQ are modulated separately.

  • Warp 6:33


    Hear how the parameters in this section are used to add compression and drive to the reverb tail.

  • Multi Channel Audio Pt. 1 4:37

    Multi Channel Audio Pt. 1

    Learn about working with the 3D version of Symphony, and see how to set up the top front and top rear channels in Pro Tools, available in the 7.1.6 format.

  • Multi Channel Audio Pt. 2 4:03

    Multi Channel Audio Pt. 2

    Explore the Early Reflection, Tail, and Balance controls pertaining to multi channel and 3D reverb.

  • Creating a Drum Room 8:22

    Creating a Drum Room

    Follow along as the features in Symphony are put to work to design a small warm subtle drum chamber ambiance.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Eli Krantzberg delivers in-depth Exponential Audio Symphony video tutorials! Follow along with Eli and learn what every feature and function does on this formidable reverb plug-in, including it's 3D surround capabilities and more! These videos are designed for new Exponential Audio Symphony users.

To get started, Eli welcomes you and then reveals how Symphony is laid out and where to access all of its relevant controls. You'll then see how to work with presets, including using boolean operators, storing your own variations, adding custom keywords, importing & exporting presets, and more.

Symphony's Meters, Tempo, and Freeze controls are then explored, and you'll learn how the metering and tempo sync options work, using the processing threshold control, and how the Freeze function is used to create interesting sustained tail effects. Then, Input, Early Reflections, & Tail Master Controls are all explained in detail, so you know exactly what they do and how to use them to create awesome reverb effects.

Throughout the rest of the videos, Eli gives in-depth instruction on using Symphony's basic controls, Early Reflection, Reverb Tail, and gate parameters, so you can dial in the perfect amount of ambiance for your tracks. You'll also learn how to use Symphony's Chorus and Warp effects for fattening up your reverb sound, and see how the 3D version of Symphony can be used to process Multi-Channel Audio. As a bonus, Eli gives you one last video showing how to utilize all you've learned in the videos to create a great sounding Drum Room chamber from scratch.

To see what these detailed Exponential Audio Symphony tutorials show you, and how they'll help you to understand Symphony and use it effectively and creatively, see the individual Exponential Audio Symphony video tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're new to using Exponential Audio Symphony, these are the videos to watch... Check out “Exponential Audio Symphony Explained®" today!

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