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Exploring DADGAD Guitar

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9 Videos | Length: 1hr 32min 28sec
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  • Introduction to DADGAD Tuning 9:36

    Introduction to DADGAD Tuning

    In this first video, we are introduced to finger-style guitarist Laurence Juber, and are shown DADGAD tuning, the tuning background, and some string relationships.

  • 9:09

    "Bob's Your Uncle"

    After a performance, we use this song to learn some chords and intervals in E minor.

  • 12:47

    "Still Warm"

    In this video, we are shown a new song and have the first and second section broken down for us.

  • Further Breakdown of 9:49

    Further Breakdown of "Still Warm"

    Here, we have the third and tremolo section broken down as well as the final section.

  • 13:37


    We see a performance of the song "Silhouette" and have several sections of the song broken down for us.

  • Relationships Between Chords & Melodies 10:18

    Relationships Between Chords & Melodies

    Laurence uses the song "Danny Boy" to illustrate relationships between chords and melodies.

  • 10:56

    "Fountain Jumping"

    We are shown the song "Fountain Jumping" as well as how to play the first couple of sections and the bridge.

  • Further Breakdown of 10:41

    Further Breakdown of "Fountain Jumping"

    Here, we are shown the solo section and ending of "Fountain Jumping" as well as a slowed version.

  • Final Thoughts & 5:35

    Final Thoughts & "The Jig Is Up"

    In this last video, we get Laurence's final thoughts and are played out with the song "The Jig Is Up".

Product Overview

In this Homespun videos series, guitar legend Laurence Juber demystifies DADGAD guitar tuning, and how it is most closely associated with the droning, bagpipe-like sounds of Celtic music. Laurence Juber has taken it to a whole new level, with his use of beautiful cascading notes and complex harmonies and more.

On this richly detailed lesson, Laurence gives you a complete understanding of how DADGAD works and how, by using it, you can gain a deeper knowledge of the fingerboard and its vast possibilities. You'll discover the distinctive adjacent scale tones and open strings that make it such a joy to play in this tuning, and will learn to go beyond the basic key of D with tunes in F, C and E minor.

Laurence then shows you how he uses this tuning in some of his newest and most affecting compositions. His lyrical ballad Still Warm, with its lush harmonies and evocative melody line, gives you a wonderful piece to start your DADGAD explorations. You'll then move on to Silhouette in A minor, revealing the rich harmonies that are not easily found in standard tuning.

In what is perhaps the most fascinating segment of this lesson, Laurence takes the classic Irish ballad Danny Boy and improvises arrangements in D, F and C, discovering the different textures and sonorities that can be found in each key. His brilliance as an arranger for guitar becomes evident as you follow the process of his musically creative mind. (please note - Danny Boy is not transcribed, nor taught note for note). Then it's on to Fountain Jumping, a ragtime-like piece in F with a bluesy twist, filled with hammers and pulls that make it a fast and exciting instrumental.

This challenging and fascinating video lesson will certainly open up new and exciting opportunities for your guitar playing, and will allow you to look at the guitar in a whole new way. As Laurence himself puts it, learning DADGAD "gives us a different angle on the guitar, a different standard.” Check it out today!

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