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  • Introduction 17:46


    In this video, Kenny explains the Eventide Ultrachannel completely. One knob at a time and along with the signal flow of each module. From Input to Output.

  • Kick 10:50


    Next Kenny gets into the trenches and starts mixing drums starting with the Kick drum, Gating, Compression and EQ are all utilized.

  • Snare 9:32


    Kenny brings up the Snare and once again we get this track mix ready and hitting hard for a dense track. Gating, compression and EQ are all utilized.

  • Overheads 9:23


    Next, we tackle the Overheads. Dealing with the bright high end and adding just hint of compression to keep things tight.

  • Room Mics 7:01

    Room Mics

    Not to be forgotten are our Room mics. In this video, Kenny shows you how to make the Room mics huge by using heavy compression to control the Attack and bring out the Sustain in the tracks.

  • Parallel Drum Buss 6:01

    Parallel Drum Buss

    Last, but not least, we employ a Parallel bus for the drums and add a healthy dose of compression to be mixed back into the dry signal to make the drums lively and ambient without losing the transients.

  • Bass Guitar 7:11

    Bass Guitar

    Kenny moves on to the Bass guitar, using some of the stapled features of the Ultrachannel to get it to sound bigger, more controlled with a touch of aggression to cut thru a modern production.

  • Electric Guitar 7:08

    Electric Guitar

    In this video, Kenny breaks out an Electric Guitar track and shows how the sound can be smoothed out, tightened up and made to fit nicely in your productions.

  • Vocals - De-Esser 9:59

    Vocals - De-Esser

    Next, Kenny brings up a Vocal track and finally gets to use the De-Esser module along with compression and EQ to control the dynamics and timbre of our vocal sound.

  • Micro Pitch Shift 8:46

    Micro Pitch Shift

    Kenny takes a look at some of the delay based effects starting with the Micro Pitch Shift which is what Eventide is famous for. Not only do we try this out in Insert mode using a Stereo version, but Kenny also shows us how to use this effect on a Effects Return using Sends to control the amount of harmonization.

  • Delay 8:16


    Next we tackle the Delay section of the Ultrachannel. Using it in mono or stereo and taking advantage of it's ability to create delays that lock to tempo and also utilize the other modules to loop thru the feedback circuit.

  • Side-Chain Gate - Pt. 1 9:50

    Side-Chain Gate - Pt. 1

    Not to be forgotten are some of the Side-Chain features available on each module. Kenny starts with the Gate and shows how to create a more useful signal to trigger our Gate function for use with drum sounds.

  • Side-Chain Gate - Pt. 2 2:48

    Side-Chain Gate - Pt. 2

    In Part II, we dig deeper and get creative with the Side-chain Gate and trigger sustaining notes with more staccato sources.

  • Side-Chain Compressor 5:50

    Side-Chain Compressor

    And finally, we check out the Side-Chain Compression function on each module and how to use it for things like Ducking and creating pads that pump to the music.

Product Overview

Multi-Platinum Engineer / Mixer Kenny Gioia brings you the definitive series on Eventide's amazing UltraChannel Strip plug-in. Follow along with Kenny as he breaks down all the Features and Functions, while showing you What the Plug-In Can Do on Different Sources such as Drums, Room Mics, Drum Busses, Bass, Guitars, and Vocals. He also puts all of UltraChannel's Effects to good use on different tracks, so you'll know just what to do with them on Your Songs and Productions.

Kenny begins with a Detailed Introduction covering all the Buttons and Knobs, and Ways to Route Signal Flow in the Plug-In. Next, Kenny starts on the Drums, and you'll see and hear UltraChannel on Kick, Snare, Overheads, Rooom Mics, and even the Parallel Drum Bus Track. Kenny now gets to the bottom of things, demonstrating How to Dial in the Perfect Bass Guitar sound, and then moves onto the Guitar Track, making it shine.

Vocals are now looked at, and Kenny reveals his Formula for a Pro-sounding Lead Vocal, utilizing UltraChannel's De-Esser, Compression and EQ Modules. UltraChannel's superb Effects are now studied, and Kenny focuses on the Micro Pitch Shift Effect that made Eventide famous. See it in-action as an Insert and Send Effect for Harmonizing your Tracks. The Delay Effect is now revealed, and Kenny explains How to Use it Effectively in Both Mono & Stereo Modes, Locking it to Your Session's Tempo, and other Creative Uses.

Not to be forgotten, Kenny gives you 3 final videos on Using UltraChannel's Side-Chain Features to Trigger Gate Functions on Drum Sounds, Sustain Notes on Staccato Sources, and Create Ducking and Pads that Pump to the Tempo of Your Music. If you use this amazing plug-in, why not squeeze every last drop out of it... Watch "Eventide UltraChannel Explained" today!

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