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Eventide Physion Explained®

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  • Structural Splitting 7:13

    Structural Splitting

    Explore how Fission separates incoming audio into transient and tonal elements, processes them separately, and then combines them back together.

  • Delay Effects 7:57

    Delay Effects

    Hear the delay and multi delay effects used in different combinations on a drum loop and a lead vocal.

  • Dynamics Effects 5:57

    Dynamics Effects

    See how the expander/gate/compressor controls add sharpness to the attack of an electric guitar part, while the dynamics effect in the tonal section adds sustain to the sound.

  • Phaser & Chorus Effects 7:05

    Phaser & Chorus Effects

    Watch as a phaser is applied to the attack transients and chorus to the sustained portion of an electric piano sound in two different contexts. Then hear the phaser blended with delay for a full wide creamy rich lush sound.

  • Pitch 5:07


    See how the Pitch effects block is used to detune a snare part and a clap part, while preserving the pitch of the attack portion of the sounds.

  • Tremolo 5:30


    Follow along as the tremolo effect block is applied to the tonal portion for the structural split on a lead vocal and a synth pad sound.

  • Reverb 6:33


    Hear the effects of structural splitting and reverb, combined with other effects, on a clavinet part and a female vocal.

  • Gate & EQ 6:58

    Gate & EQ

    Hear how the gate and two EQ sections are used on an acoustic drum bus and an electric bass.

Product Overview

In this FREE Groove 3 series, Eli Krantzberg delivers the goods on Eventide's amazing new sound design plug-in Physion. Learn it inside and out, as well as how to use it on different sounds and instruments!

Eli starts by exploring the basis of this cool new plug-in, Structural Splitting, which splits the source signal allowing the transient and body of the sound to be processed independently.

Eli then covers its effects in full detail, including the Delay, Dynamics, Phaser and Chorus, and how they sound on different sources.

Pitch, Tremelo and Reverb are up next, and you'll see how these can add new life and dimension to your source material.

Eli then wraps it up by covering the Gate and EQ functions and how they can help tailor your sound to just what you needed.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you want to really know what this plug-in can do for your audio and sound design needs, watch "Eventide Physion Explained" today!

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