H9 Plug-In Bundle Series
H9 Plug-In Bundle Series Tutorial

Eventide H9 Plug-In Series Bundle Explained®

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21 Videos | Length: 1hr 53min 27sec
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  • Common GUI Elements 5:20

    Common GUI Elements

    Learn about the common user interface elements shared by all eleven Eventide plug-ins in this bundle.

  • Blackhole: How It Works 6:57

    Blackhole: How It Works

    Explore the cavernous, intense and other worldly reverbs created with Blackhole's various parameters.

  • Blackhole: In Action 4:45

    Blackhole: In Action

    See how to program and apply Blackhole in various ways on a legato viola, and a plucked percussive sound.

  • Spring: How It Works 4:34

    Spring: How It Works

    Spring models the sound and character of the spring reverbs typically found in guitar amplifiers, with the addition of tube style tremolo. Hear how each parameter effects the sound.

  • Spring: In Action 4:44

    Spring: In Action

    Hear Spring at work on a guitar solo and a amped Fender Rhodes.

  • MangledVerb: How It Works 5:29

    MangledVerb: How It Works

    MangledVerb combines reverb and distortion to create wild aggressive overdriven sounds.

  • MangledVerb: In Action 4:19

    MangledVerb: In Action

    Hear some aggressive examples of MangledVerb on heavy rock drums, accompanied by a power chord based rhythm guitar.

  • Shimmerverb: How It Works 5:35

    Shimmerverb: How It Works

    Discover how this expansive smooth reverb uses harmonically tuned pitch shifters to enhance the reverb tail before it is fed back into itself.

  • Shimmerverb: In Action 4:02

    Shimmerverb: In Action

    Hear the lush ethereal Shimmerverb at work on a plucked percussive sound, and then on a female lead vocal.

  • Ultratap: How It Works 7:00

    Ultratap: How It Works

    This sophisticated multi-tap processor is capable of nuanced control over rhythmic delays, glitchy diffuse reverb style effects, tremolo, swells, and gating style modulation processes. See how all the controls work.

  • Ultratap: In Action 4:32

    Ultratap: In Action

    Now Ultratap is put to work on a vocal bus. The ribbon controller is customized and automated for dramatic effect. Ultratap is then used to create an interesting tail on a percussive synth part.

  • CrushStation: How It Works 4:33

    CrushStation: How It Works

    Explore this octave based overdrive/distortion plug-in and hear how the various controls influence the degree and quality of distortion, drive, and sustain added to the input signal.

  • CrushStation: In Action 3:44

    CrushStation: In Action

    Hear examples of CrushStation adding its mojo to a tremolo guitar part, and adding a vintage tape vibe to a drum bus.

  • TriceraChorus Unpacked 10:14

    TriceraChorus Unpacked

    This rich sounding bucket brigade delay based tri-chorus combines chorusing and micropitch detuning with LFO and envelope based modulation. Learn all about the complex interactions of the various controls.

  • Rotary Mod: How It Works 5:06

    Rotary Mod: How It Works

    Watch how this Leslie speaker simulation offers independent control and modulation over rotor and horn speeds.

  • Rotary Mod: In Action 4:06

    Rotary Mod: In Action

    Hear Rotary Mod used on an organ, a guitar solo, and combined with Shimmerverb on a reverb based effects return.

  • MicroPitch Unpacked 7:39

    MicroPitch Unpacked

    Explore MicroPitch and hear how it is used as a fine resolution 2 voice pitch shifter with delays for subtle detuning, tone fattening, and doubling.

  • Undulator: How It Works 7:32

    Undulator: How It Works

    Discover this unique processor that combines delays, detuning, feedback, and tremolo from Eventide's H3000 Effects unit.

  • Undulator: In Action 4:38

    Undulator: In Action

    Hear Undulator at work on a lead vocal and a synth pad.

  • Crystals: How It Works 3:21

    Crystals: How It Works

    Explore Crystals' sonic inspiration generated by its twin reverse pitch changers with independently adjustable reverse delays, feedback, and reverb controls.

  • Crystals: In Action 5:17

    Crystals: In Action

    See and hear Crystals at work on a vocal track, an electric guitar lead, and a solo piano.

Product Overview

Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Eventide H9 Plug-In Bundle Series video tutorials! Discover the vast and powerful lineup of amazing reverb, delay and modulation effects that are packed into this creative bundle of processors, including how to use them on your tracks and productions. You also get the audio files Eli uses in the videos so you can follow along with the videos and practice using the effects. These videos are for new Eventide H9 Plug-In Bundle Series users.

Eli starts at the beginning with a thorough overview of the common GUI elements found across all of the H9 Plug-Ins and how to use them, followed by the first of many individual videos dedicated to each processor found in the bundle. Eli begins with the amazing Blackhole reverb, which produces a cavernous, intense and other worldly reverb sound, as well as how to program and apply Blackhole in various ways, such as on a legato viola, and a plucked percussive sound.

Eli then goes through all of the rest of the plug-ins one by one, giving you both a "How it Works" video and a "In Action" video so you know how to apply what you just learnt on real-world instruments and vocals. The plug-ins covered are; Blackhole, Spring, MangledVerb, Shimmerverb, Ultratap, CrushStation, TriceraChorus, Rotary Mod, MicroPitch, Undulator, and Crystals. After watching, you'll know exactly what each plug-in can do, and how to use it creatively.

To see what these detailed H9 Plug-In Bundle Series tutorials show you, and how you'll be using them like a pro on your tracks and productions in no-time, see the individual H9 Plug-In Bundle Series video descriptions on this page. See and hear why Eventide has been a leader in effects processing for decades... Watch "Eventide H9 Plug-In Series Bundle Explained®" today!

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