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Eventide Anthology XI: Getting Creative

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16 Videos | Length: 2hr 20min 40sec
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  • Precision Time Align 5:34

    Precision Time Align

    In this first video, we fix a DI/Mic?ed bass part which is out of phase using Precision Time Align. This allows us to try phase inverting and also using a precise time delay to get exactly the phase relationship between the 2 parts.

  • Eventide Channel Strip Plug-Ins 16:27

    Eventide Channel Strip Plug-Ins

    Now learn all about filtering, compression and saturation using the Eventide channel strip plug-ins. We start off nice and simple and fine tune a snare sound. We then use Ultrachannel to add some grit to a bass part in parallel. Finally, we show how to combine the Micro Pitch Shift and Stereo Delays to create an interesting vocal sound.

  • Compression with Omnipressor 9:29

    Compression with Omnipressor

    In this video, we use Omnipressor to gate our snare, add some lovely pumping parallel compression to a drum bus and add unique dynamic reversal to the drum loop in our rock track.

  • EQ Options 6:59

    EQ Options

    Now we switch focus to the EQ45 emulation of a Urei 45. We put this EQ through its paces on mastering duties and also to bring the acid line out on our Techno track.

  • Managing Transients 13:32

    Managing Transients

    In this video, we investigate Physion. We outline using the plugin to expand the transients to increase snap on a drum loop. We then use a reverb solely on the drum tail. We then add a chorus only to the tonal tail of a vocal keeping a cleaner transient. Finally we use an EQ solely on the transient of a 303 part in our Techno track while also gating it. Finally, we demonstrate this effect in parallel.

  • Flanging & Phaser 6:51

    Flanging & Phaser

    Now we investigate the Flanger and Phaser plug-ins and put them to work on the rock track. We do this in a live way so we can have hands on control of the effect.

  • Reverbs Pt. 1 11:05

    Reverbs Pt. 1

    In this video, we start by using Ultrareverb to create a kick side-chained room for our Techno track and we then go onto to recreate a classic studio technique to increase the reverberation on a vocal using T-Verb. We also audition the amazing Stereo Room Reverb.

  • Reverbs Pt. 2 8:46

    Reverbs Pt. 2

    In Part 2, we try out our more experimental reverbs, recreating the David Bowie gated room effect with T-Verb, huge cavernous verbs with Blackhole and distorted reverb fuzz with MangledVerb. We also place a special emphasis on the performance aspect of using the different switches and ribbon controllers.

  • UltraTap Glitch Effects 5:35

    UltraTap Glitch Effects

    In this video, we create a glitchy fill for the clap in our Techno track with a building swell effect.

  • Harmonizer Pt. 1 8:16

    Harmonizer Pt. 1

    Now we look at pitch shifting delays with the H910 Harmonizer to create a rising effect on a drum loop. We then use the dual harmonizer to create a nice vocal thickening FX and then pitch shift by an octave going into a reverb.

  • Harmonizer Pt. 2 4:34

    Harmonizer Pt. 2

    Finally, we take the H949 and map it to the MIDi keyboard for some lo-fi MIDI controlled harmonization.

  • H3000 Pt. 1 13:38

    H3000 Pt. 1

    In this first video, on the H3000, we setup a nice usable doubler patch and then we create a more experimental filter delay patch to which we add some Mod Wheel controlled filter modulation.

  • H3000 Pt. 2 6:18

    H3000 Pt. 2

    Next, we assign MIDI controllers to the Soft Key levels to allow us to jam live with the effect. We also make preset adjustments, save them to snapshots and have an immediate switch for changing presets.

  • H3000 Band Delays 5:55

    H3000 Band Delays

    In this video, we create a cascading filter delay patch and then use the global preset parameters to jam this live!

  • Octavox Pt. 1 12:04

    Octavox Pt. 1

    See how to set up a basic harmony patch using a third and a fifth interval, and then make a nice doubler patch. We also visit the Techno track again and create a tacked voices effect on a hoover sound.

  • Octavox Pt. 2 5:37

    Octavox Pt. 2

    Lastly, see how to create a pitched looping effect for the acid sample in our Techno track using Octavox.

Product Overview

Larry Holcombe presents creative Eventide Anthology tutorials with downloadable WAV files so you can follow along! Discover creative ways you can use Eventide Anthology XI plug-ins on your tracks and productions and get new exciting sounds and effects. These Eventide plug-in tutorials are for those who have some experience with the plug-ins, but want to know cool ways to use them.

Larry begins with the Precision Time Align plug-in, showing you how to fix phasing issues. He then gets into using Ultrachannel in basics ways, and then how to use it to add some grit to your tracks. The amazing Omnipressor is next, and you'll see how to gate your snare, add some lovely pumping parallel compression to your drum bus, and how to add unique dynamic reversal to a drum loop.

Throughout the series you'll get tons of useful ideas for using EQ45, Physion, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, Ultrareverb, T-Verb, Blackhole, UltraTap, H910 & H949 Harmonizers, H3000, Octavox and more, learning effective techniques for adding depth and space to your sounds, harmonies, transient shaping, glitch effects and much more.

To see what each Eventide plug-in tutorial shows you and how they will help you to better use the Anthology XI plug-ins more creatively, see the individual Anthology XI tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're ready to start going deep with the Eventide Anthology XI bundle, this series of Anthology videos will get your juices flowing... Make more interesting tracks today, watch “Eventide Anthology XI: Getting Creative" now!

Tutorial Song Credit: Someday - Dirtywhite Fashion

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