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Eric Johnson – The Fine Art Of Guitar

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18 Videos | Length: 1hr 48min 57sec
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Chapter 1 : 6 Important Guitar Techniques

  • Introduction & Tuning 5:16

    Introduction & Tuning

    In this first video, Eric Johnson welcomes you to the course and discusses his guitar's tuning.

  • Picking 5:31


    See Eric share how to pick the guitar.

  • Fingering (exercises 3-5) 4:29

    Fingering (exercises 3-5)

    Eric dives into his method of fingering the guitar.

  • Dampening (exercises 6-10) 7:59

    Dampening (exercises 6-10)

    Eric discusses the art of dampening.

  • String Stretching (11-19) 6:59

    String Stretching (11-19)

    In this video, Eric shows off some string stretching.

  • Vibrato (exercises 20-24) 5:22

    Vibrato (exercises 20-24)

    In this video, learn all about vibrato.

Chapter 2 : 4 Major Aspects of Playing

  • Projection (exercise 25) 7:24

    Projection (exercise 25)

    Eric discusses projection.

  • Taking Chances (exercises 26-31) 4:36

    Taking Chances (exercises 26-31)

    In this video, Eric talks about not being afraid of doing something different.

  • Strengh & Focus 1:44

    Strengh & Focus

    Eric explains another important topic, using both strength and focus in your playing.

  • Signature 4:08


    Eric discusses the importance of creating your own style of playing.

Chapter 3 : Remaining Chapters

  • Harmonics (exercises 32-33) 4:36

    Harmonics (exercises 32-33)

    In this video, see Eric talk about harmonics.

  • Slide Guitar 3:30

    Slide Guitar

    Eric demonstrates how to play slide guitar.

  • Left-Hand Thumb Punctuation 2:02

    Left-Hand Thumb Punctuation

    Learn the importance of using the left-hand's thumb for punctuation.

  • Thinking Creatively 7:10

    Thinking Creatively

    Eric discusses why you should think in a creative way.

  • Acoustic Guitar Techniques (exercise 34) 3:58

    Acoustic Guitar Techniques (exercise 34)

    Learn some acoustic guitar techniques.

  • How to Get a Good Sound and Tone 8:46

    How to Get a Good Sound and Tone

    Eric talks getting good sound and tone.

  • Chords and Chording (exercise 35) 8:36

    Chords and Chording (exercise 35)

    In this video, eric covers chords and chording.

  • Leads & Solos (exercises 36-37) 16:51

    Leads & Solos (exercises 36-37)

    In this final video, Eric discusses playing leads and solos.

Product Overview

In this video lesson series guitar great Eric Johnson shows you his approach to tempered tuning, pick and finger techniques, his famous “Koto” technique, slide guitar, volume swells for lead and slide, plus a host of technical tips including multi-amp setup, action and string tension adjustments and more.

The videos also include several exclusive live performances by Eric playing with his band, so you can see what he's taught you in-action. Get ready for an ultimate electric guitar lesson!

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