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Guitar Tutorial

Electric Guitar for Beginners

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9 Videos | Length: 1hr 22min 39sec
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  • image description 10:40

    The Guitar & Amp

    In this video, Adam Traum discusses his guitar and amp.

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    String Names & Tuning

    Adam explores the names of the guitar strings and their tuning.

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    Frets, Notes, Scales, & Using the Pick

    In this video, Adam dives into the guitar frets, notes, scales, and how to use the pick.

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    Exercises, the E Chord, & the A Chord

    Adam shows some useful exercises and explores the E & A chords.

  • image description 10:42

    E to A Lick, Right Hand/Picking Patterns, & Adding the D Chord

    In this video, Adam shows the E to A lick, right hand picking patterns, as well as adding the the D chord into the mix.

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    String Damping, the B7 Chord, and a Movable B7 Lick

    Adam discusses string dampening, B7 chord, and the moveable B7 lick.

  • image description 10:11

    Putting it All Together & Riffs in E

    Adam talks about putting it all together and shows some riffs in E.

  • image description 6:46

    Riffs Up the Neck and a Rock Progression in A

    In this video, Adam plays some riffs up the neck and a rock progression in A.

  • image description 9:31

    Rock Progression Broken Down & Play Along

    Adam breaks down the rock progression and does a play along.

Product Overview

Get started playing electric guitar and have fun doing it! The key to success on a new instrument is motivation, and this lesson has you making cool music immediately - inspiring you (or your kids) to practice and improve quickly.

After introducing you to the parts of the instrument and demonstrating how to tune up, get good tone, hold the pick properly and play your first chords, Adam Traum gets beginners playing a groovy lick that will take you through an entire blues/rock chord progression in the key of E.

You'll learn the basics of soloing and simple improvisation on single and double strings using bluesy riffs that you can "mix and match."

Adam and Martin Keith provide rhythm backup for practicing your newly learned licks. Then it's on to the key of A and a standard "Chuck Berry" rock 'n' roll rhythm pattern using one-finger chords and a right-hand damping effect.

By the time you finish this starter lesson you'll be playing bluesy grooves and will be ready to move on to more skills and techniques. Start your electric guitar journey today!

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Electric Guitar for Beginners is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Great video for beginners Come on, you don't need Larry Carlton if you just got a used guitar at pawn shop and looking forward to learning fundamentals of the instrument. Adam is a gentle and kind teacher. He has a step by step method and exactly understands guitar beginners' wish to get the right instruction before leaving your long journey to the guitar world. Thanks, Adam!
Date published: 2020-02-04
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