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Ed Shaughnessy & Clem DeRosa

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15 Videos | Length: 1hr 6min 20sec
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  • Introduction 0:50


    Ed & Clem gives a quick introduction and performance.

  • The Four Ts 9:21

    The Four Ts

    The Four T's are the essential role of time, taste, technique and timbre in successful musical performance. Ed and Clem both talk about the importance of the 'Four T's'.

  • Whose Blues Up Tempo Swing 7:03

    Whose Blues Up Tempo Swing

    Clem gives a quick description of where 'Whose Blues' came from before performing the tune with the whole band. Ed and Clem both discuss the different parts of 'Whose Blues'.

  • Frere Jacques Medium Shuffle 2:54

    Frere Jacques Medium Shuffle

    Clem quickly describes the song and then performs the piece with the whole band. Then Ed shares a bit about how he plays the tune and helps you understand the shuffles and rhythm.

  • Fancy Funk Medium Funk 3:03

    Fancy Funk Medium Funk

    The whole band performs a great tune called 'Fancy Funk'. Ed then demonstrates how he performs the song and it's different rhythmic elements.

  • Basie Talk Basie-Style Medium Swing 8:01

    Basie Talk Basie-Style Medium Swing

    Clem gives us some information on the band 'Basie', and then Ed gives us another wonderful performance with the band.

  • Theme From Fifth Symphony Rhumba 2:50

    Theme From Fifth Symphony Rhumba

    In this video, Clem shares a bit about latin music. The whole band performs a Rhumba before breaking it all down so we can understand the Latin elements that are performed.

  • Oh Marie Fast Shuffle 3:52

    Oh Marie Fast Shuffle

    Clem introduces a 'Fast Shuffle' and the band gives a great performance of 'Oh Marie'. Ed shows us about the parts he played and demonstrates how to learn them for yourself.

  • Stop and Go Cha-Cha 3:42

    Stop and Go Cha-Cha

    Ed and the band plays 'Stop and Go' and keeps the Latin vibes going. After the performance, Ed goes into the pulsations and characteristics of the Cha-Cha.

  • Rockin Robin Eighth-Note Rock & Roll 4:24

    Rockin Robin Eighth-Note Rock & Roll

    Things get Rockin' in this video as Ed and the band plays 'Rockin' Robin'. Ed slows things down after the performance and fills us in on how to play Rockin' Roll.

  • Shadows Two-Beat Shuffle 4:21

    Shadows Two-Beat Shuffle

    Clem discusses 'Shadows', which has a two-beat feel. Ed demonstrates this approach with a solid performance. Ed also gives some great advice on Brushes and how to clearly play them.

  • Danny Boy Ballad with Brushes 5:19

    Danny Boy Ballad with Brushes

    In this video, Ed and the band slows things down with a great performance of 'Danny Boy' performed on Brushes. Ed explains a bit about ballads and how they approach the style.

  • Walkin Waltz Jazz Waltz 5:35

    Walkin Waltz Jazz Waltz

    Clem discusses the 'Walkin Waltz'. Ed and the band give another great performance and explain how it's all played and felt.

  • Keith's Blues Drum Solo with Mallet 2:54

    Keith's Blues Drum Solo with Mallet

    Ed talks a bit about Timbre, and brings the Mallets in. Ed 'puts some whip cream' on a Solo and then helps us understand the technique of his solo style.

  • Final Thoughts & Credits 2:11

    Final Thoughts & Credits

    Ed and Clem sign off with some final words and advice before the credits.

Product Overview

In this information-packed Hal Leonard video series, world-renowned drummer Ed Shaughnessy and conductor-arranger Clem DeRosa take you through a survey of jazz, Swing and Latin styles, all from the drummer's perspective.

Through live performances, demonstrations, and insightful discussions based on decades of professional experience, they reveal the "Four T's": the essential role of Time, Taste, Technique and Timbre in successful musical performance. From there, they explore The do's and don'ts of effective Brushwork, Fills, and Dynamics. They'll also teach you Swing, Shuffle, Latin, and Ballad Drumming Techniques.

Every style and concept is illustrated by a live big band performing Clem and Richard DeRosa's classic arrangements propelled by Shaughnessy's impeccable drumming, followed by concise analysis and drumset close-ups.

If you've ever aspired to be an ensemble drummer in a big band or a band director, "Ed Shaughnessy & Clem DeRosa" is a must-watch video series!

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