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Easy Steps to Bossa Nova Guitar

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8 Videos | Length: 1hr 17min 53sec
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  • Chapter 1 7:16

    Chapter 1

    Aaron plays some Bossa Nova and shares information on the history of the style.

  • Chapter 2 10:42

    Chapter 2

    In this video, Aaron breaks down the Brazilian guitar. Then, he covers the absolute basics to help you get started.

  • Chapter 3 10:01

    Chapter 3

    Aaron explores chords and helps you learn to identify the different chords by memory.

  • Chapter 4 8:23

    Chapter 4

    Aaron shows you different examples and variations.

  • Chapter 5 12:26

    Chapter 5

    Next up, Aaron takes things to the next level with some valuable techniques, helping you raise your confidence in your playability.

  • Chapter 6 6:35

    Chapter 6

    Aaron shows you some different chords and how they can be applied to different Brazilian songs.

  • Chapter 7 7:42

    Chapter 7

    Aaron shows a couple of different places where you can insert the chords you've learned. He also shares some tips on how to use them smoothly.

  • Chapter 8 14:48

    Chapter 8

    This video covers the last two chords along with some signature techniques. Aaron then signs off and plays one last example.

Product Overview

Aaron Gilmartin builds your bossa nova guitar technique step-by-step, providing chordal exercises, melodic passages and syncopated picking along with invaluable guitar advice and musical knowledge.

Based on a melding of jazz voicings and samba rhythms, this gently swinging fingerpicking-based style will bring new colors and rhythms to all your guitar accompaniments and solos.

He opens the lesson with his original song, Hold the Place, based around a typical four-chord progression that will give your playing an instantly recognizable Brazilian sound while putting it into a present day singer/songwriter context.

Teaching in "little bites" so you can absorb each musical idea, Aaron carefully demonstrates the chord shapes, rhythms, turnarounds, and progressions that will allow you to work out arrangements for Girl from Ipanema, Black Orpheus, Desafinado and other international hits.

Although this style can be played on any type of guitar, this music is best played on nylon strings. Get your Bossa Nova chops going today!

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