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Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar Pt 1

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    Tutorial 1

    Chapter 1


    This video starts off with Happy playing us some blues and he then introduces himself and the series.

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    Tutorial 2

    Chapter 2


    Happy starts us off by showing how to tune, how to get comfortable with picks and some essential blues playing techniques.

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    Tutorial 3

    Chapter 3


    In this video Happy explains "Blues Form", and how to understand measures and different progressions used.

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    Tutorial 4

    Chapter 4


    Happy continues on strumming and shows us some of the fingering he uses to create blues chords.

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    Tutorial 5

    Chapter 5


    In this video, Happy shows us a fun step called the "turnaround". This is used in many types of music, but he shows us the importance it has in blues music in the 12-bar form.

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    Tutorial 6

    Chapter 6


    Happy continues on "turnarounds" and keeps the tips coming as we start understanding the blues form with "Good Morning Blues". Happy show us plenty more changes that you can practice along with.

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    Tutorial 7

    Chapter 7


    This video takes a deeper look at the top and bottom string, then Happy shows some ways to put a bit of variation and style into some of the traditional blues riffs.

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    Tutorial 8

    Chapter 8


    Happy shows us a few more turnarounds that can be used in the "Bass Runs". This will get your hands moving a bit more, but Happy gives us an upclose look to exactly what he's doing.

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    Tutorial 9

    Chapter 9


    Happy gets back to the blues by showing us an example from "Kansas City Blues". Happy talks about 8-Bar blues and a few more interesting blues forms. Happy signs off and gives us a nice performance.

So you want to play the blues? Well, veteran guitarist, instructor and Homespun Tapes founder Happy Traum offers the very best way for you to get started!

This basic course in fingerstyle blues guitar breaks it all down into easily digested topics for novice players. You'll start by learning the basic blues forms and getting them securely under your belt. Then, Happy provides a number of "easy steps" that will build up your guitar technique, increase your understanding of the style, and help you develop the ability to start playing great blues songs.

Some of these steps include learning basic blues chords, syncopated strumming patterns, 12-bar and 8-bar blues progressions, bass runs, and more than a dozen variations for the all-important blues turnarounds, intros and endings. As you work your way through this lesson, Happy imparts numerous tips, suggestions and invaluable information about music theory and musicianship that will affect all of your guitar work.

As you conquer each of these basic steps, your playing will get stronger and more confident, and you'll be well on your way to becoming an accomplished blues guitarist.


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Happy Traum is an American folk musician who started playing music in the 1950s. Happy is most famously known as one half of Happy and Artie Traum, a duo he began with his brother. They released three albums, Happy and Artie Traum (1970, Capitol), Double Back (1971, Capitol) and Hard Times In The Country (1975, Rounder). He has continued as a solo artist and as founder of Homespun Tapes.

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