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EastWest SSL/FX Explained®

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10 Videos | Length: 1hr 5min 3sec
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  • SSL/FX Interface 4:10

    SSL/FX Interface

    Discover the power of the FX drawer in PLAY and get a complete overview of the main sections that comprise the SSL/FX plug-in.

  • Filter Section 6:52

    Filter Section

    Experience the advantages of the high-pass and low-pass filters included with EastWest SSL/FX to create unique, professional dynamics and more.

  • EQ Section 8:26

    EQ Section

    Frequency spectrum control is what it's all about! This video provides in-depth information regarding everything from optimal bell modes on the low/high shelves to how the E and G console emulations influence steepness and shape of alterations.

  • Compression 9:02


    Want to know how to get that 'pro' sound? This video offers up a detailed look at how EastWest SSL/FX uses compression to get your tracks sounding like the big boys.

  • Sidechain Compression 6:53

    Sidechain Compression

    EQ plays a big part in mixing a track professionally, and in this video, you'll learn how EastWest SSL/FX can bring together compression and EQ in perfect harmony to produce a professional result.

  • Gate & Expander 6:09

    Gate & Expander

    Reverberation while tracking and mixing drums can be a pain, but this video shows you how to use EastWest SSL/FX's gate and expander tools to control reverb and noise, leading to cleaner, clearer, and crisper recordings that are full of energy and depth.

  • Transient Shaper 4:53

    Transient Shaper

    Transients are some of the toughest recording issues to battle, but this video shows you how you can easily tame notes that have a sharp attack while protecting the overall tone your instruments deserve.

  • Convolution Reverb 9:31

    Convolution Reverb

    Proper reverb is one of the most important elements in digital recording and mixing, and this video shows you how to work with EastWest SSL/FX's convulsion reverb system, complete with a detailed look at the software's impulse response library and information regarding placement and contour of frequency response in the use of reverb across your entire track.

  • Stereo Bus Compressor 5:31

    Stereo Bus Compressor

    Compression may seem difficult to master, but this video shares the secrets behind shaping sounds using a variety of instrument examples. After watching, you'll be ready to tackle any recording and/or mixing task with the prowess and knowhow required to get the best sound out of your DAW.

  • Preset Control & Final Playback 3:36

    Preset Control & Final Playback

    Controlling any DAW recording environment is essential to producing killer tracks and this video will give you the knowledge required to maintain all of your EastWest SSL/FX presets. Additionally, you'll learn how to listen to your tracks with and without EastWest SSL/FX on the fly in order to choose the best sound options that are right for your recording session.

Product Overview

EastWest SSL/FX provides professional recording engineers and beginners alike the chance to create the perfect sound through a variety of essential tools, including Convolution Reverb, High Quality EQ, and Traditional and Sidechain Compression that can't be topped!

In this series, veteran musician and studio professional Eli Krantzberg guides you through all of the amazing features and functions of EastWest SSL/FX suite, including How to Identify Frequency Placement for the Best Possible Sound, and Compression Tips to get your recordings Sounding Big and Full.

Aside from mastering the FX Drawer in PLAY, an essential element in using the PLAY system, you'll also receive a detailed Overview of all of the Main Sections of the EastWest SSL/FX. Once you're familiar with the Basic Features, this series introduces information regarding EastWest SSL/FX's EQ and Compression Modules, allowing you to truly Take Hold of the Tracks you Record and Mix.

From there, you'll also learn about the power of Sidechain Compression and the Gate/Expander capabilities included with the EastWest SSL/FX software. These videos give you amazing tips, and tricks that can help you use these powerful tools to produce tracks that punch above the rest.

If you're having trouble with transient tones and unruly reverb, fear not, this series also covers Transient Shaping and Convolution Reverb Control and Usage. Whether you're recording Acoustic Drums, Electric Guitar through an Amp, or anything in between, see and hear how these tools will step up your sound.

Wrapping it up, discover How to Shape Your Sound with the "Stereo Bus Compression" video, as well as Preset Control and Final Playback Options which allow you to Switch Between Plug-In and Non-Plug-In Status as you Mix, Listen and Adjust.

If you use EastWest's SSL/FX, this series will get you up to speed and then some! Let Eli Krantzberg show you the ropes... Watch "EastWest SSL/FX Explained" today.

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