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  • Introduction 4:47


    Learn about this course while getting introduced to Toontrack's EZdrummer interface and how it fits in with today's recording studio for easy, realistic and convenient drum track building.

  • Installation 8:29


    Discover information pertinent to installing EZdrummer and its partner program Toontrack Solo.

  • Toontrack Solo Set Up 7:25

    Toontrack Solo Set Up

    Watch how setting up Toontrack Solo to run with EZdrummer allows the user to run EZdrummer without the need to integrate with third party DAWs.

  • Latency & Buffer Size 5:31

    Latency & Buffer Size

    Learn all about using and adjusting specific drivers to enable low latency performance within EZdrummer.

  • Exploring the Interface 8:07

    Exploring the Interface

    Watch an exploration of where the various functions are within EZdrummer and how you can adapt or change the default drum sounds.

  • Auditioning Grooves 6:38

    Auditioning Grooves

    Discover how to audition the MIDI files, or grooves as they are known, that come as standard with your installation of EZdrummer and how they are categorized for convenience. Additionally, see how you can incorporate grooves from expansion packs.

  • Humanize, Velocity & Tempo 7:39

    Humanize, Velocity & Tempo

    Explore simple integrated functions that allow even further realism to be added to the various grooves available.

  • User Grooves 6:40

    User Grooves

    See how easy it is to integrate either your own or purchased MIDI drum files into EZdrummer so that they are always available for further usability.

  • Expansion Packs 7:52

    Expansion Packs

    See how to install, access, register and use Toontrack drum expansion packs.

  • EZPlayer Overview 7:05

    EZPlayer Overview

    Discover Toontrackís EZPlayer to help build complete drum tracks prior to moving to a DAW.

  • Working with a DAW 7:47

    Working with a DAW

    Learn how to set up EZdrummer as a VSTi with a DAW of your choice. Here we use Cubase but the information is relevant for all of today's sequencers.

  • Using Multiple Outputs 5:18

    Using Multiple Outputs

    Discover how to set up distinct drum output routing to enable further tailoring of individual drum sounds.

  • Using the Mixer 5:23

    Using the Mixer

    Explore the convenience of EZdrummer's built in mixer to balance the resulting drum grooves and full track.

  • Using Drum Maps 4:37

    Using Drum Maps

    See how to integrate Toontrack specific drum maps with a DAW to allow for convenient drum editing and adapting.

  • Song Quick Start 4:07

    Song Quick Start

    Watch the process of building a song structure with EZdrummer integrated into a DAW and how the resulting drum track can be used with further VST instruments.

Product Overview

Toontrack EZdrummer is a fabulous tool for creating realistic drum tracks, fast and easy. In this series, EZdrummer guru Mark Struthers shows you how to get this virtual instrument up and running on PC, as well as all of its features and functions.

Mark starts out with detailed introduction and PC installation tutorials, then covers how to setup the Toontrack Solo application. Next, latency and buffer sizes are explained, followed by the EZdrummer user interface.

Mark then shows you how to audition grooves, adjust humanize, velocity and tempo parameters, user grooves, expansion packs, the EZPlayer, working within a DAW and how to use multiple outputs.

The series is wrapped up with in-depth videos showing you how to use the built-in mixer, drum maps for easy editing and a great quick start video that shows you how to easily build a song with EZdrummer.

If you're new to EZdrummer for PC and want to know all about it, this series is for you. Checkout "EZdrummer for PC Explained" today.

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