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EDM Songwriting & Production

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23 Videos | Length: 3hr 1min 11sec
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  • Introduction 0:53


    Introduction to the EDM-focused theory and practice that we’ll cover in this course.

  • EDM Structure & Arrangements 4:16

    EDM Structure & Arrangements

    This video explores phrasing and how EDM tracks are structured.

  • Locators & Color Coding 5:39

    Locators & Color Coding

    You have many tools available to help with structure and arrangements, locators and color coding.

  • Kick Drums Explained 8:45

    Kick Drums Explained

    Kick drums are massively important in EDM, and this video explains the key components of those kicks.

  • Using & Creating Kicks 13:38

    Using & Creating Kicks

    This video demonstrates using fades with kick samples, then how to make a kick drum from scratch.

  • Writing Synth Parts 11:35

    Writing Synth Parts

    We discuss creating melody variations, counterpoint melody, syncopation, and arpeggios.

  • MIDI Writing Shortcuts & Arpeggiators 9:56

    MIDI Writing Shortcuts & Arpeggiators

    This video covers the tools to help you write synth parts, demonstrates some midi writing shortcuts, and explores arpeggiators.

  • Understanding Bass 7:31

    Understanding Bass

    Let’s explore the kick-bass relationship, then how harmonics work and how this effects sound design and mixing.

  • Bass Processing Tools 12:36

    Bass Processing Tools

    You can use sidechain compression to control the kick-bass relationship, then distortion and filtering to shape harmonics.

  • Builds Explained 9:50

    Builds Explained

    This video will teach you how builds work in terms of timing and tension.

  • Let's Make a Build 10:56

    Let's Make a Build

    Let’s create a build from scratch using the theory outlined in the preceding video.

  • Groove & Quantization 5:03

    Groove & Quantization

    This video shows you how to write parts ‘off the grid.’

  • How to Apply Groove & Humanization 7:53

    How to Apply Groove & Humanization

    There are different ways we can add groove, including drum loops, recording, midi editing, and effects.

  • Reverb & Delay 7:36

    Reverb & Delay

    What are reverb and delay, and how do we use them in EDM?

  • Reverb Workflows & Delay Types 9:45

    Reverb Workflows & Delay Types

    This video demonstrates how we can creatively use reverb, and also shows how to use two standard delay types.

  • Sound Effects Explained 5:00

    Sound Effects Explained

    Let’s explore the uses of sound effects in EDM music: guiding the listener, filling up the mix, and building anticipation.

  • Using & Creating Sound Effects 10:03

    Using & Creating Sound Effects

    This video demonstrates some tricks when using sound effect samples, and how to make a sound effect from scratch.

  • Understanding Dynamics in EDM 6:12

    Understanding Dynamics in EDM

    This video looks at dynamics—and sometimes the lack thereof—in EDM.

  • Dynamic Processing Tools 7:21

    Dynamic Processing Tools

    We can shape dynamics using limiters and compressors.

  • Stereo Width Explained 5:25

    Stereo Width Explained

    Let’s talk about the stereo image, and how to approach it in EDM.

  • Stereo Imaging Tools 5:14

    Stereo Imaging Tools

    This video explores tools available to shape the stereo image, including panning and unison.

  • Approaches to Songwriting 5:12

    Approaches to Songwriting

    There are two different approaches for songwriting in EDM.

  • Automation Tricks & Audio Routing Options 10:52

    Automation Tricks & Audio Routing Options

    We end the series with a demonstration of useful automation techniques and audio routing workflows.

Product Overview

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier returns with a powerhouse 3-hour tutorial series that teaches you the important fundamentals of EDM songwriting and production. Experience and learn how to create your own pulsing, grooving, and inspiring EDM Tracks!

The series begins with a primer on EDM structure and arranging. After a video on organizational tips on keeping your project color coded, Multiplier spends a few videos exploring both the impact and design of Kick Drums in EDM music. That leads directly into a few videos on writing Synth Parts.

Multiplier then explores the use of Bass in EDM and how to go about designing the perfect EDM Bass Sounds. With Kicks, Synths, and Bass covered, Multiplier discusses more production related elements of EDM music, with videos on Builds, Groove Quantization, Processors such as Reverb and Delay, and Sound Effects.

Moving on Multiplier delivers some “big picture” videos on the importance of Stereo and how Stereo Width enhances the listener’s experience of your track, and how different approaches to EDM songwriting create different outcomes.

Finally, Multiplier demonstrates a few Automation Tricks and Audio Routing Options to add that final polish before your song goes out into the world.

If you’re new to writing and creating EDM music, or you just want some more insight on the topic, don’t miss “EDM Songwriting & Production” today!

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